Monday, November 14, 2011

Pure devotees never fall down?

What? Except, the "pure devotees Vishnupada acharyas" rubber stamped by the Gaudiya Matha folks [and the author of this paper is one of them] "fall down" into illicit sex with men, women and children every day? Pure devotees never fall down, except most of time, they do? This is a product of the teachings of Sridhara and Narayana maharaja. ys pd

Dean Balarama
‎'Prabhupada appointed 11 ritviks NOT 11 GURUS!! and they did & will fall! And these over intelligent disciples made a huge hole into the grand canyon hole by voting in more false gurus. When will this destruction of Srila Prabhupada body stop!! Please confront these so called gurus and help them come to their senses! Once this is corrected Prabhupada's iskcon will realy take off full power :) All glories to Prabhupada & all his honest sincere servants.

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