Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aryan Ivanković gives up?

PADA: We asked Aryan Ivanković  -- "Why is he supporting the GBC's bogus guru system, and its biggest cheer leaders and position paper writers -- like Gaura Govinda maharaja"? And he suddenly seems to have disappeared into thin air ever since? Hello, if you have no answer, just say so, but your handy trick of -- disappearing, hiding, prevaricating, and not giving any answer, this is kinda cheezy don't ya think? OOOP -- see, we almost forgot, as soon as we ask any of Aryan's big GBC gurus any of these same questions, -- they do a similar magic disappearing act, they also run away, hide, don't answer, return mail unanswered, blah blah blah, hey just like you are doing Aryan! Birds of a feather? ys pd

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