Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rocana goes back to promoting the GBC gurus

AINDRA DASA: "I only regret that, in a devotional society meant to instill fearlessness and individual thoughtfulness in its members, the atmospheric conditions are such that devotees opt to remain anonymous so as to circumvent the risk of being barbarously burned at the stake by the institutional powers-that-be for exercising their God-given right to freedom of pure devotional expression."

[PADA: Correct, as soon as one says deviants are not "the current acharyas," then the GBC and their defenders like Rocana (Sampradaya Sun web site) will "barbarically burn the dissenters at the stake." Correct. ys pd] 

PADA: Dear Nemec prabhu, If Srila Prabhupada is not the "current guru now," then who is? You told us what is not to be done (we should give up worship of Srila Prabhupada as the current guru), but you forgot to tell us what is to be done (who is your current guru)? Srila Prabhupada says anyone who does not name their guru is a mayavadi, and you did not name the current guru you allege to have? ys pd

This is my blog:

Nemec said: The IRM has been resentful to accept the present (GBC) parampara system.

The IRM has been resentful to accept the present parampara system. The IRM followers claim that we cannot possibly risk more apostasy of ISKCON leaders and further tarnish ISKCON's reputation. From this point of view, the IRM may have some moral grounds for refusing the present parampara. Unfortunately the IRM has taken the wrong turn by raising messianic claims and taking a fanatical stand towards all present leaders of ISKCON, regular ISKCON devotees and ISKCON wellwishers. Instead of assessing deviations in ISKCON on the level of practice, lack of honesty, lack of evangelic spirit etc., the IRM focuses on Srila Prabhupada as a messianic figure, thus deviating from Vaishnava siddhanta in a most blatant manner.

[PADA: You mean Nemec and Rocana have gone back to saying what the GBC and their pedophile messiahs club are saying, that they are "the current gurus," ... again, as Rocana said all along? THE PRESENT LEADERS OF ISKCON SAY ACHARYAS ARE USUALLY DEBAUCHEES. Why does Rocana always go back to his roots of saying the pedophile messiahs club are the current and present gurus? ys pd] 

PADA: Giving Rocana an opportunity to respond:
Dear Rocana, it seem you and Nemec are going back to saying what the GBC gurus are saying, that they are the current and present (i.e. homosexual pedophile) parampara. If you are not agreeing with what the GBC gurus are saying, and you have another parampara that does not include them, then what "current parampara" is that / or what else are you saying? ys pd

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