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Gaura Hari prabhu discusses real vs bogus gurus

Gaura Hari prabhu: It is a well known fact to the intelligent devotees that since the departure of Srila Prabhupada our Krishna Consciousness as a whole has been plunged into age of spiritual darkness (losing sight of devotional potency), confusion, with most of the Gurus who have taken charge leaving and falling down from their position, not being able to maintain nurturing their disciples. In my personal realization of having struggled for thirty five years being involved with Bhakti Yoga having tried listened to various teachings and following various gurus all claiming to have the right way, In essence the grave problem has been caused by Sadhu Ninda, offense to the top most vaishnava. There are 10 offenses to the holy name and most of us can more or less avoid most of these offenses accept what has been the most catastrophic blind spot of all modern day vaishnavism. It is sadhu ninda and there is a reason that it has been the most difficult to avoid this offense and many of us have fallen in this dark well without any clear awareness of how we have become a party to such a severe offense that disrupts and uproots whatever little devotion we have in our hearts.

It is a no brainer that we should not be offensive to the top most vaishnava. How is it that now many thousands and in the future, if this problem is not clearly identified, millions of future vaishnavas will continue their vaishnava apparada without awareness that they have done anything wrong at all. In my own experiences in vaishnavism I have come by the grace of Guru and Gauranga identified the root Anarta, that causes this severe offense to the Holy Name keeping prema bhakti from arising in the heart when one chants this wonderful exalted Hare Krishna Maha mantra. The two following first and third offense to the holy name will be discussed prayerful that the Lord and expert chanter of the Holy Name will enlighten our discussion giving us all crystal clear understanding of how to over come this most serious of offenses, Sadhu ninda.

 First Offense: To blaspheme devotees is the first offense
 To blaspheme a devotee of the Lord is the first offense
against the holy name, and it completely disrupts one's spiritual life
Third Offense: To disobey the spiritual master who reveals the truth
            about the holy name. Hari nam cintanami

If we have clearly identified who a pure top most devotee an intelligent person serious about developing devotion would not blaspheme  him or her. But on the other hand if one is not clear that such a vaishnava is top most sadhu then this could happen due to ignorance. In Srila Prabhupada’s law books there was a situation in the 4th canto of Bhagavatam where Dhaksa although a great demigod and worshiper of visnu in the mode of goodness did not realize that Lord Shiva his familial Son in law was a pure vaishnava Acarya direct representitive of the pure bhakti potency or servitor Godhead. Daksha thought that his activities were unclean therefore he criticized him not knowing the true nature of his confidential activities in this world. Its similar to how the Pharisees committed sadhu ninda against Jesus misjudging Jesus as a heretic as Lord Shiva was considered by Dhaksa. For this offense neither the Pharisees or the demigods who sided with daksha had devotional in their heart awaken until they became submissive to Gods true spiritual representitive and the words and teachings that they naturally speak to purify all who hear them submissively with great honor and respect.

Fortunately by the will of Krishna we have identified another top most pure devotee Acarya in this world as pure in heart as Jesus and empowered as well. AC bhaktividanta Swami Prabhupada. Generally both the false followers and the real followers of Srila Prabhupada acknowledge that he is a pure devotee. The false followers of Srila Prabhupada acknowledge this by their words but not by their actions and deeds.This is called the hypocritical level of devotional service. Eventually by accepting submissively the association of the more advanced vaishnava, who the neophyte often thinks is on a lessor platform than himself and his motivated Guru on the higher platform, he will become a real follower.   In practically everyone, unless they are a top most vaishnava will have some degree of fault in their service to Krishna due to some attachments in this world. The real followers acknowledge Srila Prabhupada by their words and their deeds. Like Jesus said, “My real followers do what I say”. The false followers don’t. A false follower may follow all the prescribed duties given by Srila Prabhupada yet not execute a direct important instruction which puts them into the category of false follower. This is heart of the issue and where this serious sadhu ninda offense is doing serious harm to the progressive march of modern day vaishnavism.

Now we will describe how this offense has taken shape in a deceitful difficult recognize insidious form and has developed into a huge demonic monster. It is ruining modern day vaishnavasm plunging the masses of devotees into the dense forest of darkness on the whole. If a shiksha or diksha disciple is deeply desirous of becoming a important personality, wealthy, influential, worshiped, remembered forever, and equal to an Acarya like AC Bhaktvidanta Swami Prabhupada, Bhaktisidanta saraswati etc, this result can be very easily given by a Acarya like Srila Prabhupada. but if it is gained it will be undeserved, temporary, and illusionary. Srila Prabhupada gained this influential affluent position, which is permanent  even after his departure by the mature development and cultivation of his devotional creeper and not desiring anything else but serving his guru and Gauranga out of love and affection.

If our heart is not so pure and on the contrary very polluted with envy, jealous pride, competition in regards the appearance of a great personality like Srila Prabhupada, then all we have to do is to blaspheme the Acarya and chant the holy Name vigorously and the result of Nama aparada of sadhu ninda one very easily gets the undeserved temporary illusionary version of glory as a So called diksha Guru or Acarya. Such crafty hearted shiksha or diksha disciples know that they cannot directly blaspheme a personality like Srila Prabhupada so there is a way to criticize and disobey the Acarya in such a sneaky way that no one will know that it is being done, just like the snake in the garden deceived eve by inducing here through tricky word jugglery and mental speculation to break God’s direct order to them not to eat from the tree of good and evil. The snake convinced them that if they would follow his order to break Gods order and eat of it they would be like Gods( worshipable Acaryas) ( but this would only be an illusion and for breaking Gods real order they were thrown out of paradise as we have been ourselves due to our modern day predicament.

God(Krishna) gave such direct instruction through the mouth of Srila Prabhupada and it was so important that he put in writing and signed the mandate. Qualitatively the order and the Acarya is equal in spiritual potency. By serving the body of the Acarya one is purified, by serving the order one is also purified equally even if his body is not present. On the other hand by criticizing his ritvik instruction and destroying others faith in the real order of Krishna through Srila Prabhupada, one has caused a serious mad elephant offense, sadhu ninda.

When the Acarya is ready depart he gives his direct instructions and in this case was how to carry on the business of initiations in his movement. So in essence the leaders both inside and outside of Srila Prabhupada’s movement all were hungry and thirsty to have such opulence’s equal to Srila Prabhupada and pure and simple committed the nama apparada of sadhu ninda to get it by disobeying and criticizing the direct order of Srila Prabhupada. By combination of speculating, lying, cheating, hiding, intimidation, bribes, diplomacy, politics such leaders inside and outside his movement committed the most serious of the 10 offenses related to Sadhu Ninda. They criticized Srila Prabhupada and disobeyed his direct instruction by disobeying this direct ritvik instruction to making disciples on his behalf and then they made his sacred holy order meant to save and give transcendental shelter to the world a laughable household joke. Now this illusion has been propagated and deeply embedded into our vaishnava society that those who declare that they are disciples of Srila Prabhupada based on his direct instruction to be so designated are scorned and thrown outside of vaishnava society just like the early Christians were looked upon as the sum of the earth by mainstream faithless materialist society.

So in essence, plain and simple this is the heart of how sadhu ninda has been accepted as the proper way of worshiping in Vaishnava societies. Right now the leaders and their desirous supporters are all perpetuating this Offense to the real Acarya so that they can live out their temporary dream to be an Acarya like Srila Prabhupada and Bhaktisidanta Saraswati thakur. Srila Prabhupada is well known for saying in purports in the 12 chapter of adil lila that his God brothers without authority disobeyed their Guru indirect instruction not to appoint a Acarya prematurely. By such disobedience many adopted the title of Acarya in their Gurus institution but lack real spiritual empowerment to expand Lord Caitanya’s bhakti cult in any significant way. The 11 ISKCON leaders were also desirous of having the same influence affluent position as Srila Prabhupada so they did the same thing by hook or crook, speculating to cause everyone in Srila Prabhupada’s movement starting with themselves to disobey and blaspheme Srila Prabhupada by criticizing his ritvik instruction; or to be a witnessing party to it by tolerating its execution in his movement. They had to prove their allegiance by throwing flowers at the feet of such undesirable undeserving false Gurus and Acaryas. Outside of ISKCON there is another vaishnava society, Gaudiya Samiti which came close to Srila Prabhupada’s society  and began to also blaspheme his order calling it quote “ poison”   and gave many tricky false arguments, to get Srila Prabhupada’s disciples to betray, overrule  his life giving ritvik instruction  exactly  like the snake in the garden of Eden tricked Eve to deviate from God’s order getting her and Adam cut off from God’s transcendental favor. The result Narayana Maharaja also became not only diksha Guru but like the many in the Gadiya Matha they like the prestige  to be known as Acarya equal or even better than Srila Prabhupada.

In summary as a whole vaishnavsm is on the neophyte materialistic platform, waiting for the leaders to get satiated and degraded by their relishing the demigod rasa of undeserved name, fame, wealth and worship of the masses.  iThis is what Raganutha das called donkey urine.  Bhaktivinode thakur in his essay on Sadhu Ninda says that even if one is a austere Brahmin, their symptom of being a advanced madyam devotee is that they sincerely carry out the direct instruction of their guru even if it means that they cannot have the prestige of being a daksha Guru or Acarya. If they fail the test and minimize, deride, condemn the direct order such as the important ritvik instruction, they remain on the materialistic platform.  It is unfortunate because in Narayana Maharaja case Srila Prabhupada told him directly that he wanted the ritvik way of initation on his behalf after his departure but he refused to perform initiations in this way while at the same time claimed that Srila Prabhupada was his shiksha Guru numerous times. In this way according to the conclusion of Bhakti vinode thakur and those who have opened spiritual awareness from confessing publicly glorifying faithful Srila Prabhpada’s important ritvik mandate, he remains a serious offender  on the neophyte platform no matter how many rituals, austerities, claims of being a society of pure devotees or the laks of rounds he may chant to impress general populace of young devotees who have been spiritually  maimed this misfortune.

Those who have the strength and empowerment are doing what they can to educate those who will listen to this kind opinion that is the most logical but is also the most unpopular because as Jesus said 2000 years ago, “ Narrow is the gate( that leads to pure devotional service) few there are that find it, Broad is the way of destruction(the worship of the worthless idols of false motivated daksha Gurus and Acaryas”. Most go that broad way. If they are sincere, intelligent devotees like Srila Prabhupada was amongst his god brothers they will also feel repressed compressed and depressed seeing such degradation giving the illusion of saintliness . The God brothers, Gaudiya Samiti,and most in ISKCON, except Bangalore and other small informal groups forming, follow the broad path of following many of the rules and rituals but did the most evil act of erecting impotent idols in the form of false Acaryas which could not even purify themselves or anyone else They themselves were not the real shelter of the rare pure spiritual potency even though they may believe in error that they are. Jesus said that those who are sincere, taught by God, led by the real Spirit of the Lord convict the world of this one main sin of faithlessness in the real Acarya savior, sent by God to deliver the world. This was Jesus. For us God(Lord Caitanya) has mercifully also appointed Srila Prabhupada as such a authorized deserving transcendental ICON to deliver us. The above mentioned vaishnava societies are in truth murders of the souls and should be feared because they are very quick to cut our faith in the true ritvik order of Srila Prabhupada by inducing us to blaspheming or tolerate criticism derision his sacred Bhakti lata bija imparting instruction to become his direct disciple and not the disciples of impotent false Acaryas who want to relish some temporary heavenly material rasa under the grip of the false ego of thinking themselves great and intelligent vaishnavas. Krishna das Kaviraja states, It is the order of such a transcendental spiritual master which is the active principal(diksha) of spiritual life.” Not the instruction to blaspheme the order given by the False Acaryas, and impotent diksha Gurus who teach in error of illusion that , “ If you follow the ritvik order you will lose your soul” . The ISKCON committee appointed Guru, Sankarshan das,adkikari, who admitted that he believes that he can without a doubt deliver his disciples, said this in anger as a great threat directly to one of our members when she would not host him as usual last year. Such a statement by this poor illusioned fallible authority convicted his own soul as being lost and anyone else who believes such wrong conception. Since I know it is my duty to point out this dangerous misconception for his benefit and others who may fall in such dark dense illusion.

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