Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanks for your question Dinesh dasa

PADA: Why are we going public with our expose of the bogus gurus? Public publicity is the only option, the devotees who tried to resolve this internally, like Taru, were murdered and buried in the hills of New Vrndavana, and 23 other bodies were found there, who knows how those bodies got there. Chatur Bahu was going to meet with the GBC to challenge them, and his body was found with throat slashed etc. So I instead went to the police, media and used open expose policy, and it was the police who saved me when three of their giant muscle goondas were chasing me with baseball bats. The police also went to the houses of people who sent me death threats, the police found a note in the pocket of Sulochana's murderer saying they were going to get me next, in short, if you are facing multi-millionaire bogus gurus and their tens of thousands of followers, you better not forget that the police are also Krishna and you'd better use the police, courts, media, or else, you won't be alive to tell the story, its that simple. I am alive because of going outside to protest, inside protesters, well some of them are dead. You have to be practical, or you may not survive. ys pd

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