Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Letter to some folks in India ....

PADA: Thanks for the encouragement prabhu. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but while the GBC gurus have spent about $10,000,000 usa on their lawyers trying to escape the child molesting problem in Dallas, and they are shutting down Prabhupada's oldest temples and sending their cows to slaughter because "there is no money," they are RIGHT NOW spending $4,000,000 usa to sue us Srila Prabhupada devotees from Bangalore temple and our Akshaya Patra food for poor children program, and this case is now in the Supreme Court of DELHI India. The GBC gurus said they are going to spend millions to sue us "for the next 100 years." The GBC gurus have also said our free food for children (Akshaya Patra) is a criminal operation that has to be shut down and have all the directors put into jail, apparently our feeding poor children is "mundane welfare." The big GBC guru Jayadvaita says our feeding children is "food for death," and so it has to be shut down. So these gurus are spending MILLIONS on suing us TRYING TO STARVE THESE 1.5 MILLION CHILDREN by stopping us from giving them daily prasadam, while their cows have to go to slaughter because they need all this money for their lawyers. If there is any way you can help us with this court case that would be wonderful. ys Puranjana dasa 


  1. The Turley vs. ISKCON child abuse lawsuit was settled out-of-court for $9.5 million, but this does not include legal fees. According to an email message that I received from an ISKCON insider, wherein he chastised me for helping to get the lawsuit started, the lawsuit ended up costing ISKCON $16 million.

  2. Correction: I looked up the email (2008). He stated "15 million dollars so far," not 16.


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