Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Vrndavana promotes criminals as leaders Janmastami dasa, who traveled with and assisted Tirtha while conducting surveillance on Sulochan in California, explained how he was recruited to assist in the elimination of Sulochan: “In January of 1986, on my return to New Vrindaban [after the Christmas marathon], I was ordered by Radhanath . . . not by Kirtanananda Swami, to terminate Sulochan."

Marcus K. Laurence: Ouch,this accusations are hurting my inner-piousness

Nishant Nigam: hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare...hare raam hare raam raam raam hare hare..♥♥♥

Jerad Mack: I live in new vrndavan (Krsna gave me separate land from iskcon) ... the money man who delivered the cash for the execution is now thriving as the head of the farming dept .... it pays to be a criminal in the new iskcon...


  1. "I was ordered by Radhanath" ---------- Well, police did not believe him, therefore Radhanatha swami was not convicted. Same with court of justice, examining magistrate, counsel for the prosecution, investigating judge, jurors, etc etc. They all concluded there is not enough legal remedy in order to bring in an accusation against Radhanatha swami. Then there were tons of media, tv, newspapers, radio stations, trying to shed light on what happened. Same there, all newspapers etc refrained from accusing Radhanatha swami. Now more than 20 years have passed, did anyone appeal against that court decision? Nil report. Even Drescher remained "steady" in his witness statement, no order from above. Of course to write on the internet, incitement to murder, is pretty much easy. But go to your market place and scream, "such and such is a murderer", they immediately show you the ropes, lock you up in a nuthouse. It's simple as that. And basically thats the reason why Radhanatha swami isnt filing for reputational damage. He doesnt file for damage to his reputation because the way he's accused looks like coming from a nutcase camp. Otherwise there would have been immediately a whole army of lawyers destroying the lives of those "lay judges" trying on their own to expose what realy happpened.
    In sum, better to follow Prabhupada who did not start his lectures in New York with: Hi folks, I'm coming from Gaudiya-matha, all my godbrothers are jerks and thugs who poisoned our guru. But I came here to teach you real knowledge.
    Would have anybody listened? Very unreasonable. Same today, 2011. Without waterproof court decision you cannot go public. They simply postmark you as lunatic. Prabhupada assigned this debacle to Krishna's control and simply focused to save us from samsara, go global and spread the Holy Name, uplift suffering humanity from going to hell.

  2. That is why the Isopanisad says that false gurus might escape the laws of this mundane world, but they WILL never escape the laws of God. As for devotees being convinced, every day we get new people on board, i.e. those who agree that Radhanath is a crook, not only us, some of the GBC followers were recently asking why Radhanath does not sign over his land to ISKCON, why he has so many photos of mayavadas in his books etc even folks inside ISKCON are wondering what is up here. So we are winning gradually. And we are also making new devotees who are preaching and so on, its all grass roots development. ys pd


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