Monday, November 28, 2011

RE: Narayana Maharaja's "ISKCON children just got their karma"

PADA: Narayana maharaja personally invited me to his ashram when we met on Venice beach, he was pleading humbly -- that he needed to discuss Krishna katha with me. And so I accepted his very humble and nice offer, and so -- I drove all the way to Fullerton on the crazy LA freeways. Then I was shocked, instead of visiting with me at our appointment time, he ran into his room and closed the door. Is this etiquette for vaishnavas? Then he simply stayed in his room and ignored me totally, and left me sitting outside his room ALL DAY LONG. I sat there for ten hours, he simply -- cancelled our meeting four times by messengers from his disciples, without talking to me FOR ONE SECOND. And then at 5pm he fled the property by sneaking out the back door. HE LEFT ME SITTING there FOR TEN HOURS! Now Anjali says she also has to sneak out the back door without discussing. So that means, they have no siddhanta, they cannot defend their siddhanta. And their siddhanta was and is: to give "gopi rasika classes" to deviants posing as Vishnupada acharyas. Incidentally, stay tuned to my blog, I am going to analyse how Narayana Maharaja taught his top sannyasas that the children of ISKCON were "just getting their karma" -- while Narayana Mj was the topmost "shiksha guru" "rasika guru" "siddhanta advocate" -- i.e. main cheer supporter of the post-1977 molester acharyas regime. He supported the regime that molests children, then he says, too bad, the children got their karma? And now NM's wonderful acharyas that he supported have just now buried a huge deviant named Kirtanananda in the holy dham? Sorry this is HIS bad karma, he is implicated in support of these false messiahs, sahajiyas, artificial acharyas, rasika classes fools, and orchestrators of child molesting and etc. So I will make a full report of NM's "children just got their karma" on my blog soon:

And as for the Yamaduttas, yes they are anxiously awaiting the time they can get their dogs to check those who support child molester messiah regimes. Especially, when the children are the children of vaishnavas. Thanks ys pd

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  1. There should have been detailed analysis how Narayana Swami purposefully sent clueless ISKCON leaders down the wrong path. Purpose was to destroy Prabhupada's movement with the "help" of ambitious leaders like Tamal who wanted to be Prabhupada's successor. People never figured who are the people behind Narayana Swami, for whom is he doing it? These are the same people Prabhupada always warned us. Prabhupada: They cannot help us in our movement, but they are very competent to harm our natural progress. So we must be very careful about them.


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