Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rocana says Prabhupada's worship is a "death star"

ROCANA: This is the heart of the Rtvik deception. Point your lightsaber at this gateway, and the Rtvik Death Star will explode.

[PADA: OK, Rocana now says the worship of the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada (i.e. Krishna's acharya) is an evil hearted "deception," which we have to destroy. In fact we have to explode and obliterate Srila Prabhupada's worship because it is "a death star." Then we wonder why the molester messiahs have been able to create so much mayhem in ISKCON? Because people like Rocana have been their direct or de facto -- no small amount of aggressive -- aiding and abetting henchmen, attacking the worship of the pure devotee as a deadly sin, exactly as the molester messiahs program is doing. And in fact Rocana simply borrows all his arguments from them saying the worship of the pure devotee is the "post mortem acharya" deviation, just like the the leaders of the molester messiahs program are saying the same thing, Rocana is their parrot. I simply cannot imagine how people will be able to explain to Yamaraja that they spent their whole lives trying to destroy the "deadly dark evil star" of the worship of the pure devotee, and thereby they directly or de facto empowered and enabled the worship of child molesters as acharyas? Good luck there! ys pd]  

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