Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kirtanananda burial "a political scam"

PADA: Another PADA news reporter was recently in Vrndavana India, and he tapped an ISKCON devotee on the shoulder and asked, "Who is this white guy, and why is he getting buried here in Vrndavana"? The answer, "Well, he is a bogus guru, we never liked him anyways, but we have to bury him here in Vrndavana because its all about politics." Who demanded that Kirtanananda (a known homosexual pedophile) needs to be buried in the holy dham? Guess whom else, it was the bogus GBC gurus, otherwise -- whom else would want their favorite child molesters messiahs buried in the holy dham? ys pd

The GBC Need to Do Their Service

The ISKCON GBC could learn from the current situation at Penn State University. The football coach assistant, Mr. Sandusky has been charged by a Grand Jury with 40 counts of alleged sex assault to 8 boys he 'recruited' with his charitable foundation for disadvantaged youth known as Second Mile, from 1994 to 2009.
Apparently the Head coach Joe Paterno was told of this ' rape', as was President Graham Spainer, and both of them chose to not report it to the police. Well, here it is YEARS later and they have both been FIRED for not doing the right thing and reporting the crime. Much to the dismay of Penn State, the protests were so violent that a media van was overturned and set on fire.

When will the GBC learn to do the Right Thing? One of the worst criminals has finally died, Keith Ham, may Yamaraja have mercy on his soul, but what about the ones that are living? How does Bhavananda get to walk around Mayapur? What about so many that have been physically and sexually abusing kids in ISKCON from the beginning? WHY weren't they reported to the Police?

Why doesn't the GBC do the right thing? How many would be arrested? Maybe it would have curtailed some of the abuse, had the abusers known they would be reported and possibly prosecuted and imprisoned.

It's never to late to start. EMPOWER the Child Protection Office.


  1. Prabhupada made him a devotee and put his faith in him to do something nice for Krishna. That he went off the rails is unfortunate.
    Now he is dead.
    But there are some people who remember how happy Prabhupada in 1966 used to be to have disciples like him and to get his world movement started. Without folks like Kirtananda helping Prabhupada in 1966, nothing would have happened. Puranjana prabhu would not have been able coming to know Prabhupada. So there are some folks who know what is decent behavior. Not because of Kirtananda, but to not make Prabhupada look like somebody without knowledge of human nature.

  2. Yea, Kirtanananda did such great service- molesting children, murdering devotees, selling drugs, promoting a bogus guru system, etc.

    What a great devotee indeed.

    You need to open your eyes, RM, you fool.

  3. As said already, please read again, he went off the rails. Real question is, why rascals like you are too stupid to properly give testimony at court so that he would have gotten adequate punishment?

    Why you and other shrewd scoundrels were sleeping tight when they found him not guilty of commissioning murder?

    But now 25 years later calling others ill names because they have a problem with your presentation what makes Prabhupada look like installing obnoxious perverts as leaders?

    Those karmi judges have more sensitiveness than folks like you. They adjudged Kirtananda because of business fraud, not murder, molesting children, what you are stating. Because they figured this would make Prabhupada look like installing nutjobs to lead others.

    First you let Kirtananda and others escape, then for 20 years you start screaming without end on mainstream internet, Prabhupada appointed criminal perverts into upper echelon.

    Thats why thousands of ex-Iskconites left Iskcon for good to join somewhere else. Not because they reject Prabhupada, they reject goofballs who run around all day to "teach", that Prabhupada appointed criminals and perverts to be the leaders of the Samkirtan movement. Very good worship of Prabhupada!

    And, like PADA, IRM are doing, no more preaching to convince people in general about Krishna conscious philosophy. Nothing, zero. Let the whole world go to hell. In sum, pretty much a tamasic kanistha type of Taliban species.

  4. Well what have you done that is better? Zzzzzz. ys pd

  5. Thanks for asking - we were on sankirtan bookdistribution of Prabhupada's books. At siberian winter travelling through Europe's countries - all day trying to distribute Prabhupada's books, year after year.

    While you were living and feasting at New Vrindavan and watched everything happen right in front of your eyes.

    Since Prabhupada made US his headquarter we were depending on what was happening there. With the crash in US all other countries were swept away too.

    Therefore it would have been priority to have things put in order where Prabhupada established his world movement, USA. The opposite happened. Those culprits were not convicted and instead installed their guru business all over.

    Again thanks for asking.

  6. Why didn't you put the culprits in jail in Europe? I was kicked out in 1979 and was never feasting at New Vrndavana, ever. We had the New Vrndavana farm raided by the police and had Kirtanananda arrested, at least we did something. ys pd

  7. European courts, executive forces - strongly go along with US court decisions. Especially when it comes to Prabhupada's last will protocol, registration of global ISKCON, notarial recordings, all this happened mainly in USA. Prabhupada would refer ISKCON Los Angeles as world headquarter.
    Reporter: Your home base is in Los Angeles.
    Prabhupäda: Yes, my headquarters is in Los Angeles.

    Besides, the biggest number of initiated Prabhupada disciples are in USA. And if they keep silent....Who are we to shoot forward? Since the whole thing is rather civil right and not criminal law, things are even more delicate from legal point of view. Without expensive lawyers nothing can be accomplished (representation by a lawyer is obligatory)

    Prabhupada instructed that a devotee doesnt figure to be the doer. Krishna does things but not we. A devotee simply engages 24 h in the service of the Lord and all obstacles and difficulties (glanir) are removed not by PADA but by Krishna's mercy. At least thats, please correct, how many devotees have understood Prabhupada's techings.

    Srimad-Bhagavatam 11. Canto: "The servant or disciple of the spiritual master should be free from false prestige, never considering himself to be the doer."

    Prabhupada: "If we strictly try to serve the spiritual master, his order, then Krishna will give us all facilities. That is the secret."

    Let us pray constantly at the lotus feet of Krishna that in the midst of our strenuous efforts we will never imagine ourselves to be the doers, but that we will always remember our humble position as mere instruments in the capable hands of the predecessor acaryas – as bits of dust at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

  8. Yes, the Gaudiya Matha failed after 1936, no one was able to revive it. Srila Prabhupada said it had failed, and had become "a defunct institution." It is what it is. So Srila Prabhupada was always telling us about the Gaudiya Matha's failure, so we could hopefully avoid their problems. And he simultaneously re-constructed a new program, which we are attampting at doing by (a) exposing false acharyas programs and (b) making a Prabhupadanuga network. Of course Krishna is required to make any of this work, agreed. ys pd

  9. To compare present ISKCON with the defunct Gaudiya-matha of 1936 onwards makes sense to a certain degree.

    But still they will argue, we distribute Prabhupada's books, chant Hare Krishna, build the Temple of Vedic Planetarium and have approx. worldwide one million supporters.

    Of course number of followers doesnt say if ISKCON is able to survive in the long term.

    However, that point is reached that if there are more fall-downs of their questionable gurus, the rank&file know what to do. Demand to run ISKCON with Prabhupada in the center.

    Since it is known that neophyte gurus cannot absorb sinful reactions of their disciples, could be that inwardly many "gurus" already took up the position to act as ritvik priests but don't admit it.

    The whole GBC and ISKCON leadership became so secretive, would they ever say it when they switch to ritvik? No! Even Rocana wouldnt find out.

    Too many strange things happened and if someone would make a film about all those falldowns one after the other, nobody would say, go on sitting on the vyasasana and demand to be worshipped as good as God. Nobody would say that with hinsight of all those thousands of cheated ex-disciples.

    Could be that they all die off one after the other and the new generation of ISKCONites gradually becomes ritvik, Prabhupada-centered.

    By hook or by crook - voluntarily they would never resign. They are totally attached to all those positions, properties and being part of a global movement.

    Of course, when they really would switch to ritvik they also cannot ask the Prabhupadanugas to rejoin. They would still tell us to stay outside. Poor ISKCONites, pretty much paradoxical situation.....


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