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A few recent postings 11/12/11

Dear Tarun, Srila Prabhupada said that without Jesus, there would be no civilized society in the West, because as you well know most Western society uses the Bible as the basis for its civil and moral codes and legal justice system. Are you saying we should not have any religious code civilization, and have the pre-Jesus pagans and tribal warfare society, and / or we should have a lawless Gaudiya Matha and GBC system of mass exploiting? What is your point? ys pd


Tim Lee Dear Vijay, Well you said I am a demon, I assumed that had some cause, apparently you just call people demons for no reason at all, you were not defending Aryan, you just like to call people demons for nothing, ok thanks for explaining yourself. You are just walking around calling people demons as your daily sadhana, I am grateful you explained that. Then you said the court is not the real judge, because you are defending the molesters by saying the court is wrong? You wound yourself up, and now you are trapped in your own words. ys pd

Vijay Krsna ‎......ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzz.....

Oscar A Mendez Seriously this Vijay Krsna is worst than a stupid child playing with adults. Thank Tim Lee for showing us the difference between molester pedophiles and the Acharya.
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Oscar A Mendez If it wasn't for Tim all those victims would not have been heard. The so-called 'karmi' law has more common sense that you people. You make me sick!
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Tim Lee Thanks Oscar! Dear Vijay, Right, as soon as we said there is a molesting problem, Gaura Govinda maharaja and his GBC guru clique all went ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, who gives a hoot? So the KARMI court in DALLAS knew these leaders all went ZZZZZZZZZZ, certainly the court of Yama will know that as well? I think we are finally making progress on this issue, as soon as we reported a big molesting problem GGM and his clones all went ZZZZZZZZ, and they still are going ZZZZZZ, because they have not got the brains the KARMIs and their court have. Getting back to Gaurahri's point, the reason the KARMI's court knows molesting is not something to go ZZZZZZZZZ on is: They follow JESUS, so they know better than GGM and company, ys pd

Abhaya Charanaravinda DasiVijay Krsna you are a complete rascal! please do everyone a favour an dont even bother commenting on any of these threads you idiot! and go back to sleep your sleeping sickness is caused by worhsipping bogus homosexual pedophile messiah program of fools an rascals. men who find pleasure in the backside of other men an then call themselves iskcon gurus how disgusting is that! and u wanna make fun at those who try an save children who are being abused by these bogus iskcon leaders?? u are a very mentally sick person vijay krsna!

Tim Lee Thanks Abhaya Charan prabhu, by the way, even ISKCON leaders are now holding meetings wondering -- why do they have such a bad reputation? Well for starters, they kicked out anyone who said there was a molesting program going on, and that their gurus are behaving like debauchees, and then Gaura Govinda maharaja said to me, he needs to "work with" the people causing all these problems. GGM does NOT want to work with the people who are fighting against the problems, that is how people like GGM created the bad image of ISKCON. ys pd

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  1. The Yamadhutas will take care of them.


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