Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greatest shame in ISKCON!

Historical Account of the Greatest Shame of the Present ISKCON-GBC Members
BY: SADHUDASA ANUDASA SRIDHAM MAYAPUR, WEST BENGAL (SUN) — A DEMONStration ("Exposition of demoniac traits") that proves the Mayavada contents of the ISKCON-GBC PRESS publication of 1996 entitled 'Our Constitutional Position'.

[PADA: This is a good analysis. While the mass of rank and file devotees of ISKCON were being mass purged, exiled, villified, demonized, if not banned, beaten, and assassinated; And thousands of children were being molested; And the media was reporting one criminal imbroglio after another -- giving ISKCON  a bad name, -- fools like Sadhudasa, Gaura Govinda maharaja, and the Gaudiya Matha leaders in general were supporting and promoting this violent bogus guru's regime and they thought: The biggest problem in ISKCON is: we have prove that Srila Prabhupada is a bogus guru because he says we originated in Krishna's lila or sport. 

Never mind thousands of small boys are getting mass starved, abused, sometimes beaten and sexually poked in the holy dham, that's really not the main issue, the main issue is (to them), Srila Prabhupada is a fraud. Most of the molesting was going on right on Gaura Govinda's doorstep in Mayapura (he lived close by in Bhubhanesvara). And of course as soon as we said there is a mass molesting problem, Gaura Govinda and his pals said we are bogus ritviks, so they thwarted our protest.    

These people never cared for the thousands of devotees who were being victimized by the bogus gurus, and notice, they still do not even mention all the victims, just the jiva issue. And let us assume for one minute that Sadhudasa is correct, Srila Prabhupada is deviating on jiva tattva, and the GBC are following that deviation, so why did he and the Gaudiya Matha leaders go on saying these GBC are gurus if they simultaneously say they are deviating? 

So this is amazing, Gaura Govinda maharaja said he was going to publicly challenge the GBC over the jiva issue in Mayapura by getting the local brahmanas (the smartas and sahajiyas and mayavadis) involved, BUT he was not going to form a public protest about child molester acharyas, he simply wanted people to protest the siddhanta of Srila Prabhupada and the Gaudiya Vaishnavas. Of course GGM died mysteriously just after announcing he was going to publicly challenge the GBC, and some think -- he was poisoned.

Anyway, now Giriraja swami is promoting his own book which says Narayana Maharaja is a wonderful rasika guru, so the GBC does not always promote the right jiva issue, NM also criticized Srila Prabhupada's jiva tattva as bogus. To his credit, BV Puri said that Gaura Govinda maharaja and the "origin of the soul is tatastha" folks are all MAYAVADIS, which is what Srila Prabhupada said all along, those who do not understand we originated with Krishna, and they think we have an impersonal origin, they are mayavadis. Anyway, after supporting molesters as gurus now these folks are making a big smoke screen about the jiva issue, no wonder, they have been exposed on supporting their child molester acharya's position. ys pd 

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