Friday, November 11, 2011

People who cover up molesting should "Rot in jail"

Dear Aryan prabhu: This is actually good Aryan prabhu, GGM says the guru has to slap your ears when you become rascal. I agree. Gaura Govinda maharaja was told by ME in PERSON that the GBC gurus are making KNOWN homosexual children molesters into acharyas, and even RE-INSTATING them, and he agreed. GGM said, You are RIGHT, YES they ARE making KNOWN homosexuals into Vishnupadas. And yes they are reinstating them. (Tripurari swami was trying to get voted in by these same people as one of their co-gurus as I discussed in my video about him).

And SO I said WE (me and him) have to stop that, and he argued that NO he could not help me stop them because he has to "cooperate, tolerate and work with them," so you are quite correct, I should have slapped him in the ear and told him what a nonsense idea he has, that we need to "cooperate" with the worship of child molesters posing as acharyas. I quite agree, it was a failing on my part for not chastising him further at the time. Narayana maharaja in 1990 admitted in the official GBC "ISKCON Journal" that he ALSO knew the GBC was making homosexuals into gurus, and yet NM in 1990 still went to bat to advocate for and DEFENDING the GBC gurus in the 1990 IJ publication!

NM also knowingly defends homosexuals posing as acharyas programs. No wonder that later on NM invited me to his ashram, and then he let met sit at his door for TEN hours without speaking to me, then he sneaks out the back door in fear of my questions, he knew he could not answer even one question from us. Yep, these people are like the current FOOTBALL coaches story of covering up for the molesters program. Except their molesters were not coaches but acharyas! From the point of view of the victims, these people who cover up for molesters, what to speak of molester messiahs, should rot in jail: ys pd


PADA: This shows that the average "karmi" citizen knows more about morality than the combined bogus post 1977 ISKCON leaders -- who actively covered up child molesting, over and over and over and over, even when they found out that some of their "gurus" are molesters. The GBC even sometimes "reinstates" gurus even after they find these gurus are sexual predators. So the average Joe six pack guy on the street knows that you have to put not only the molesters in jail, but ALSO jail the "molesting cover up" deviants, and not make these folks into gurus and messiahs. ys pd

Mother of child victim speaks out:

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