Monday, November 14, 2011

Jayapataka swami's cows slaughtered

[PADA: Meanwhile, while there is no money to care for the cows, and they need to be slaughtered, Jayapataka, Radhanatha, Bir Krishna, Gopal Krishna etc. are spending millions suing the Prabhupadanugas. Prithu is another one of their clone head supporters, he wants to know who caused all this, he did. ys pd]

Slaughter of Murari Sevaka Cows

Regarding the mention in Hare Krishna dasi's recent report on cow slaughter in ISKCON, and the eleven cows from Murari Sevaka community in Tennessee that were slaughtered':

"1. Indra – not trained ox – 8 -10 year old Brown Swiss mix
2. Chota – trained ox – 4 year old Jersey
3. Maha – trained ox – 4 year old Jersey
4. Bhima – trained ox – 4 year old Jersey
5. Bala – trained ox – 4 year old Jersey
6. Prabhu – trained ox – 4 year old Long Hair Jersey
7. Bimba – trained ox – 6 year old Red Angus + Brown Swiss
8. Tala – trained ox – 6 year old Black Angus + Brown Swiss
9. Dharma – trained ox – 4 year old Jersey
10. Hamsi – cow – 12 year old Jersey
11. Hamsi's – bull calf – 1 week old Jersey

[the lifespan of a protected cow or oxen is 18 years]
Allegedly at the arrangement of an ISKCON temple leader, these cows were sold at a Fayetteville auction in late June or early July of this year [1999]. Subsequently, they were taken to a packinghouse, where each one was murderously slaughtered."

Not just allegedly!

I actually arrived at Nashville Airport back then and was informed that Drumilla, who was acting as Temple President there for some time, had just sold them for slaughter days before. I immediately rushed to the Fayetville market with my credit card to save them, but was told by the local traders that they had gone to the slaughterhouse just the day before. They reported that they had never seen such peaceful cows.
They did not have to be pushed into the truck to the slaughterhouse. They completely willingly entered the truck to be taken to their death. It was totally devastating.

Shame on those who were responsible for that.
ys Prithu das Adhikary


  1. According to, Bir Krishna Dasa Goswami was responsible for the slaughter of the 11 cows. He was, at the time, the GBC man for the Southeast United States. Therefore he was the one who put the mentally unstable Drumilla Dasa in charge of the Murari Sevaka, Tennessee farm community where the horrendous offense took place.

  2. THE HORROR!!!
    We are crying here for those dear sweet cows. So sad.

    Jayapataka D tried to have me killed to help pin the
    murder of Chatur Bahu on me. I guess cow killing and
    devotee murdering go hand in hand.


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