Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rocana does back flip

PADA: Rocana said that the ritviks can no longer write anything at all about the incessant fall downs and failures of the GBC's gurus, because all of that information is well known and established. In sum, we are not allowed to point out that the people who oppose the ritviks  are making fools into acharyas. Meanwhile, Rocana writes a huge article saying -- the GBC gurus are bogus? Why the hypocrisy?, we cannot write on this topic but only he can? So we are not allowed to talk about the failures of the GBC gurus, but he is? Yes boys and girls that is hypocrisy! Simultaneously, Rocana prints articles saying the GBC gurus are the bona fide parampara, and we are not allowed to counterpoint that either? Even more hypocrisy, and no small amount of confusion for the innocent. So (a) we should not point out defects in the bogus gurus, but (b) he can, (c) meanwhile Rocana posts articles saying the (falling and failure) GBC gurus are bona fide parampara, yet (d) we are not allowed to clarify any of these contradictions / hypocrisy in Rocana's posts? The good news is more people are waking up to this hypocrisy. ys pd

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