Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rocana wins a debate with himself

PADA: Rocana never allows any of the ritviks to respond to his rants, for at least five years now we are all banned from posting on his site, then he says he has "won the debate." Well congratulations, he has won, since he is only debating himself. Rocana has won a debate with himself? Hahah, a big digvijaya pandit, he refuses to debate with anyone then he says he is the winner of the debate, with himself? This is the same as the GBC, they never debate with us, then declare they won the debate? Narayana Maharaja also invited me to his ashram and then left me sitting at his door for ten hours, he also could not debate with us. Rocana is simply following the example of NM. ys pd


  1. Rocana's point is simple. He found out how the ritviks are fighting among each other, it's simple as that. Be honest, as soon a ritvik Prabhupadanuga devotee writes an article it is dismantled by whom? Mainly these are other ritviks who start shooting at each other. Therefore Rocana said, no more, have seen enough.

    If the Prabhupadanugas would be one unite, one outlet who presents peppered position papers one after the other - all based on Prabhupada quotes, coffee drinking wimps like Rocana are immediately mowed down, check mate. Since this will never happen that Prabhupadanugas rise above kanistha class, Rocana meanwhile puts his feet on the coffeetable.

    So much to "Rocana has won the debate with himself".

  2. No ritvik has ever expressed disagreement with the facts that I present on Doesn't this prove that the ritviks all agree on the most important points?

  3. The ritviks all agree on the main points, that the GBC gurus are bogus and we need to worship Srila Prabhupada. Rocana says that we cannot worship the posthumous, post mortem, post samadhi, post dead and gone gurus, we need a live guru, so when I asked Rocana who is the living guru now, that was about 20 years ago, he got mad as heck and refused to talk to me again, because he has no live guru, its all bluff. ys pd


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