Friday, November 18, 2011

Should Harivilas (Seattle) be a GBC?

PADA: At one point -- around 1985 -- Harivilas dasa was made the GBC of Berkeley. And he confided to me: That the GBC was re-instating known homosexuals as "Krishna's successor acharyas"; That the GBC was getting all their gurus "ghost busted" by Chitesvara; That child molesters were NOT being removed from the Mayapura and Vrndavana schools, and in sum that the GBC was making a total mockery of the post of acharya, they were abusing and exploiting the devotees, embezzling money etc.. And he agreed the GBC was making known fools and debauchees into "Srila Prabhupada's successors," and as such they were ruining ISKCON with so much bad MEDIA publicity. Then the GBC offered Harivilas a bigger post of authority, and he decided to be one of them and to become one of their biggest advocates and defenders. So its a little like a person threatening to expose the MAFIA, then the MAFIA gives this person a big post as one of their leaders, and the person begins to serve and assist the MAFIA. OK, its also called selling your soul to the Devil. ys pd

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