Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gaura Govinda maharaja and the book changes issue

PADA: Gaura Govinda maharaja was a huge supporter of the GBC’s gurus (hence GGM supported the book changes by supporting JAS et al.) , he was also writing “position papers” to defend the GBC’s gurus, for example GGM wrote their 1988 “Guru Tattva” paper wherein GGM says, gurus are sometimes demons, but GGM has never explained why he has the atuhority to support demons posing as gurus?

And in 1993 when the GBC was trying to get rid of the sahajiya Tamal / Narayana Maharaja “gopi rasika” group, it was Gaura Govinda maharaja who stood up at the GBC meeting saying we need to KEEP Tamal and Narayana Maharaja, because we should not remove the vaishnavas, except these same people removed tens of thousands of vaishnavas?

GGM personally told me he has to cooperate, tolerate and work with the GBC and their gurus, so he was a supporter of them. Now this begs the question, why did GGM support the GBC knowing they were changing the books? Good question, ys pd

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