Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rabbi-natha and his henchman Ekalavya?

[PADA: Apologies to RM who thinks our arguments are not gaining traction, when in fact, there are now dozens of PADA style web sites exposing the bogus GBC gurus and promoting our idea of -- the worship of Srila Prabhupada as the acharya. Simply stated, we are making head way, whereas RM's "positive proposal" is not even known because RM never tells us what is is? The dogs will bark, the caravan will progress. Incidentally we have also got a nice PRABHUPADANUGA Akshaya Patra temple and prasadam program in Vrndvana where thousands of guests come, and hundreds of thousands of children get daily prasadam, in addition to the:

site folks from Vrndavana. RM does not even have a peanut stand there? So this seems to be all sour grapes. Narayana Dasa Visvakarma says the same things, what are the ritviks doing? Well we are doing all kinds of things, what are you other folks doing, other than trying to tackle us Prabhupadanuga devotees down like the molester messiahs program is doing, that seems to be the real question? ys pd]   

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