Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rocana cannot find acarya-upasana in shastra?

Rocana: While not carved in stone like the policy above, we would also like to caution our contributors, particularly in this Rtvik debate, that your arguments should be made on the basis of Vaisnava philosophy. We are not interested in Christian references, analogies and metaphors. Those who cannot make their points in this debate without drawing on the theology of other religions should consider withdrawing from Sun discussions on the matter. Nothing about Rtvik-vada is going to be proved or disproved by referring to sastra that is outside our Sampradaya.

[PADA: "Vaishnava philosophy" is found in thousands and thousands of citations from Srila Prabhupada, for example acharya-upasana, -- that we have to worship the pure devotee. The ritviks worship the pure devotee and we follow shastra. Whereas Rocana posts articles saying that the GBC gurus and their illicit sex guru parampara is the current parampara, and Rocana himself says worship of the pure devotee is the Darth Vader death star, and is posthumous pooja deviation etc. (where is this mentioned in shastra?). 

So Rocana is not posting our articles, well backed by thousands of quotes from shastra that we have to worship a pure devotee -- which the ritivks are doing, and instead he posts articles promoting that idea we need to worship illicit sex with men, women and children messiahs programs? He has proven simply that he does not understand that we have to worship a pure devotee, which is a statement found in tons of quotes, and instead, he de facto supports the worship of pedophile messiahs club members by allowing them to promote their idea on his site. ys pd] 


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