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Are the GBC's gurus demons? by Sri Krsna Dasanudas

The Power of a Vaishnava's Words and Thoughts


It has occurred to me for quite some time now that at least a good number of the GBC members, along with the errant so-called "gurus" of Iskcon (some holding both titles) have themselves little or no depth of inner contemplation. It must be so, for their flagrant arrogance and disregard of not only so many indisputable truths pointed out to them (about themselves and so many of their past and present actions) shows a manic mentality at the very least, and a demoniac mentality at its worst.

[PADA: Right, this is good news, MORE and MORE people are gradually waking up -- and they are beginning to ask, "Are the GBC's gurus actually demons"? Its a fact, more and more people are asking just this exact question. So it shows that all of our combined "exposes" are finally making a big impact. Meanwhile, more people are saying what we have ALSO been saying, "Why not worship the actual PURE DEVOTEE aka Srila Prabhupada"? In short, our program is working.]

SKD: Those who may be somewhat tender in their willingness to call a "spade a spade" will please forgive me when I say that at least several of the "old guard" are/were demons. Vaishnavas have certain qualities (just in case you are unsure please refer to Srila Prabhupada's books, especially The Nectar of Devotion based on Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu.) Defiling and berating others are not qualities mentioned. Nor are the traits of dishonesty, theft of the spiritual master's property, nor the insulting of godbrothers or other Vaishnavas. Also conspicuous by absence is any mention of Vaishnavas being sexual deviants or having sex with disciples after sannyasa. 

[PADA: Good, yes its not just "one" problem or issue, its a combination of all sorts of evil behaviors that keep emanating from these bogus gurus. Yes, its not just the banning, beating and assassinating of dissenters issue; Its also the embezzling issue, the illicit sex with men, women and children issue, the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada issue, and criminality of all sorts issues, that constantly keep flowing from these folks.]  

SKD: I have checked again and again, and believe it or not, child abuse and sexual molestation of children is also never mentioned. 

[PADA: See! People thought we were nuts when we kept saying "homosexual pedophile messiahs" etc. But look here! We told you all that our emphasizing sexual abuse of children would eventually become a main issue, thanks to God that it is has become the big issue, perhaps this is a core issue.]

SKD: These are most certainly traits of a class of men, but they are the lowest among men, not even fit to be considered civilized, and are most certainly accepted by most people, what to speak of Vaishnavas, to be the worst possible traits of human beings. Certainly they would class one displaying such traits and actions as being demoniac.

[PADA: Yes, this is what we have also said, these deviant behaviors are less than the civilized man, indeed mass child abuse is less than the barbarian man, they are demons. Right on!]

SKD: Do not these GBC men and "gurus" realize how powerful are the disdainful thoughts and words of Vaishnavas? Maybe they have never thought of the reality that by these, they have become cursed. 

[PADA: Right, SHASTRA SAYS -- these false gurus are "destined for the most obnoxious regions of the universe," that means, nobody can save them, they are indeed cursed.]

SKD: So many of their God brothers and sisters have become incensed by their words and actions towards them and others that their anger has created thought "forms", called "elementals". Thought bodies, as it were. The suffering that awaits them as a result is unfathomable. 

[PADA: Yep, the suffering that awaits them is unfathomable, which is why Srila Prabhupada these false gurus would have been better off to have never heard of the Vedas, they are going down way worse than the ordinary man.]   

SKD: Only a complete change of heart, which would naturally lead to remorse and trying to make recompense could possibly stimulate forgiveness towards them by those who have cursed them, either wittingly or unwittingly. From what we have seen and continue to experience that is highly unlikely.
Sometimes it seems as though these people don't truly believe in the law of karma. 

[PADA: Right, demons are also atheists, yes they do not believe in the laws of God, because they do not believe there is a God, otherwise why would the entire GBC promote putting the photos of pedophiles on God's altars and make children worship their pedophile messiahs, unless they did not believe in God. And why would they bury a known pedophile in the holy land of Vrndavana as they just did, if they believed in God? They do not believe there is a God, clearly.]

SKD: Either that or they are so narcissistic, they have become so insane that they believe they are above everyone else, and can therefore not possibly do any wrong. That they are transcendental and their advanced natures are misconstrued by we the ignorant. I see no need to mention too many of their names, but they have all been written about disdainfully by devotees here in the Sun and elsewhere, be it Harivilasa, Tamal, Bhavananda, Ravindra Svarup, etc, etc. They represent arrogance to such a degree that it is far beyond simply being unconscionable.

One must not be so foolish as to think that because you wear neckbeads that you shall not be severely punished for sinful actions after death. That somehow they are all-protective and make us impervious, no matter what kind of actions we commit. Nor should one misconstrue the Bhagavad-gita's famous verse of "what becomes of the unsuccessful yogi" to mean that no matter what you have done in life, you shall be excused and simply whisked off to your next birth in a wealthy mercantile family, the family of a brahmin or Vaishnava. That is for the sincere who fall down, not for those who commit heinous actions and crimes in the name of spiritual life.

Just consider this. How many Vaishnavas have had extremely harsh and damning thoughts about or words describing these men and their crimes? Do they not shudder? Whether they do or not, there is a very big surprise awaiting them at the time of death. Such is the indefatigable law of karma.

[PADA: Right on! Ys pd]

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  1. GBC is a post for highly trained people. You cannot appoint any bum to be principle of a high school. But this is exactly whats happening.
    Therefore election of GBC would have been mandatory.

    These are all laypersons who see this post as opportunity to set up a secure situation for their own family members.

    E.g. Kripamoy's Music project:

    Buy rental buildings, create property, buy farms, etc. Meanwhile these folks at least have learned from each other not to invest into insolvent companies, although folks like BCS are unteachable in this regard.

    Notice how nothing is leaking out of ISKCON anymore. BCS owed us an explanation what really happened and how his crash landing will be solved. Instead, speech is silver, but silence is golden. PADA informants?


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