Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Aryan (update) 11/10/11

Gaura Govinda maharaja also wrote many position papers for the GBC. His followers gave me a Guru Tattva paper when I met with him and I said, this reads like the 1988 GBC paper "Guru Tattva" where they said your (GBC) guru might be a demon. The followers said that is correct, GGM is helping the GBC gurus by writing papers for the GBC gurus. Why was GGM supporting the bogus self appointed gurus and writing papers for them? Which previous acharyas wrote papers to support the worship of deviants? GGM told me he has to cooperate, tolerate and work with the GBC gurus. So he was aiding and abetting the worship of false gurus, this is never done by any bona fide vaishnavas, none of them supported the worship of bogus gurus and wrote papers to give philosophical assisting to the worship of bogus people. As for the idea we come from tatastha, that is mayavada, for starters there is no place called tatastha, and we asked GGM followers to find evidence of that for the past 40 years, there is none. ys pd     

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