Friday, December 20, 2013

Kirtanananda swami Is Still A Saint?

Prabhu, yes Radhanath swami, Gopal Krishna swami and other GBC leaders just now buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi the holy dham. Only pure devotees -- aka residents of Krishna loka -- are supposed to be allowed to be buried in the dham. So Kirtanananda has not been kicked out at all, rather he is still with us in the holy dham under the supervision of the GBC.

Kirtanananda is now their newly appointed resident of Krishna loka, and ISKCON people are going there to worship him. And other GBC helped get the U.P. district burial permits, and did other legal work to obtain the legal use of the property to assist in this burial of Kirtanananda. My friends were there and ISKCON was making a parikrama for people to go from the Kirtanananda site around Vrndavana, and back to the samadhi site -- singing the glories of Kirtanananda. Sorry, the worship of pedophiles has never stopped, its still going on in Vrndavana. ys pd

[PADA NOTE: And this is why Bhakta das is promoting Radhanath swami, he is still in league with the people who promote the worship of pedophiles as messiahs process. And Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Pancali / Nicklaus Evans are promoting Bhakta das (Prahlad's best pal Sanat has made a video to promote Bhakta das), because they are all still in the camp of Bhakta dasa, which promotes Radhanatha, and which worships pedophiles in the holy dham. We do not worship pedophiles, hence all these above people are currently infuriated with PADA. 

Anyway, our job is to expose the worship of child molesters -- and the promoters and boot lickers of molester pooja -- like the above group. We do not care what anyone says, we are not going to worship pedophiles, or support those in that process. 

We do not care how much these Bhakta das / Radhanath / Kirtanananda groupies like Prahlad attack us, insult us, call us names, or even if they kill us, we will never surrender to their deviated agenda, EVER, plain and simple. We want to worship pure devotees in the holy dham, and they want to support the people promoting pedophile worship in the holy dham. Yes as a matter of fact its only these few sick people who want that agenda. 9999999.999999 percent of the rest of the world agrees with PADA that is is a serious deviation. Prahlad now says we are making this up, nope, we have all seen their video of their working with that Bhakta das / Radhanatha agenda. ys pd]


  1. "Just now buried" Kirtananda? When, yesterday? I think you are a little behind the times. On the other hand, what is Radhanatha doing things like this for? And what about the cruise he went on? Does anyone have any updates about this? Are there pictures of him gorging himself on feasts of bhoga cooked by the galley cook? Pictures of him dining with the Captain? Hugging the cook? Being ogled by some lusty Indian women in bathing attire? Dancing up a storm on the poop deck? You get the idea. I really want to know the truth about this guy!

  2. I have never supported Kirtanananda or Radhanath or any ISKCON "guru", ever. You know this. Why are you continually lying about me like this? It makes you appear to be crazy. (Prahlad Das)

  3. Dear Prahlad, You did not read what I said? I said (A) you are supporting Sanat and Mukunda, and (B) they are promoting Bhakta das (by promoting his videos on their site) and (C) Bhakta das is promoting Radhanath, and (D) Radhanath is supporting Kirtanananda. You are openly promoting the people who claim Radhanath is a bona fide acharya, and -- you are! That is not crazy, that is not a lie, that is what your team is doing.

    Therefore I said -- you are promoting the people who are promoting the molester gurus program, and you are. Please try to focus on what people are saying for a change.

    Your group is promoting Bhakta das and he says we need to promote Radhanath, so you are in league with the cheer leaders of the Radhanatha program, that is what I said and its true. Read it again Sam! No one thinks that is crazy, they already know your new hero Bhakta das promotes various GBC gurus, and he also recently says Mahanidhi is bona fide, so -- you are with Bhakta das i.e. the people who are promoting the false gurus, that is what I said -- and you are.

    Not one single person other than you has said this is the wrong analysis, they all know your pal Bhakta das is a GBC guru groupie, and that your team is promoting Bhakta das. I said that, and its true, not one single person other than you has challenged this, because they know about Bhakta das and they thus know I am right, he is a GBC guru groupie and you are working with that groupie group by your promoting and supporting him on your team's sites. Read things for a change! ys pd

  4. I also said some of the people you folks advertise on your "Illuminati" site promote survival skills like -- killing animals with guns, and they are. And you folks are saying the Hare Krishnas support crazy ideas: For example, that the serpent demon race taking over the world, making us all look like cracker pot heads. And you are doing that and we have already proved that by showing a photo of your site. When are you going to read what we said? ys pd

  5. These illuminati people are giving the Hare Krishnas a really bad name. A friend was arguing that the Krishnas support ... the government is full of serpent people, because of these fools. They are trying to ruin the Krishna religion by saying it is with these serpent people web sites. They are making Krishna devotees look idiot.

  6. EVERYTHING you have written about me for the last 6 months is lies including your above responses. You have also been repeating your lies about Mukunda & Sanat since they exposed you as a rascal & liar 15 years ago. I have never supported Bhakta Das. (Prahlad das)

    [PADA: Yes, you are, you are working with Sanat and Mukunda and Sanat is promoting Bhakta das. This is not a lie, its on their site? And animal hunting with guns advocates are on Mukunda's site. This is not a lie, its there! I posted the photo of their site, a long time ago?

    Again, read what I said, you people are promoting Bhakta das and animal hunting with guns people, its on the site of the people you are promoting. Sanat and Mukunda have been exposed, they are promoting Bhakta das, and advocates of animal hunting with guns, its on their sites, and you are working with them, as you told me many times?

    You are the liar here, the web sites of the Sanat / Mukunda team are promoting Bhakta das and animal hunting with guns advocates, its not a lie, its there! If you do not know anything about this, and you do not know that Mukunda's site is promoting people who advocate hunting animals with guns, then why are you defending these people? You need to read what they said then, never mind what I said, I simply repeated what they have promoted. You need to read their materials, and if you do not know what these folks are saying, then do not promote them. Wake up! ys pd]

  7. Prahlad also told me that these Sanat / Mukunda Illuminati sites are good because "they get a lot of hits." Great, supporting animal hunting with guns, telling people the world is run by the serpent people, promoting Illuminati stuff that is often anti-semitic and neo nazi, these are great ideas, lets promote that? You said that you support that site Prahlad, plain and simple. You need to read the site you are promoting -- before you promote it. And you just now said that Sanat and Mukunda are correct, so you are still defending them and their sites today? ys pd

  8. Prahlad is with Mukunda, and they are promoting the Illuminati people, this guy is a liar when he says he is not with them. They promote Alex Jones and he promotes guns, and they are promoting all this to sell DVDs from these people. And Sanat is making videos with Bhakta das, because they are still with the GBC gurus! That is the reason they attack you pada, they are still with the bogus gurus. And they promote guns and hunting animals, and then they brag they are getting lots of hits on their guns program site, yes, hunting and guns will get a lot of hits. But hunting with guns is not what Srila Prabhupada teaches? Is it now? They are with the animal hunters club because, it makes them money selling the gun lover's DVDs, they are making money selling the animals hunting agenda. They are mad because, you exposed them. They do not even know that Srila Prabhupada does not want us to promote animal hunting, guns, and karmi speculating DVDs. They are just in it for the money just like the GBC gurus are.

  9. PANCALI: Make sure you show our full comments Timmy. Stop cheating. You get to have your full say so let those you accuse of outright lies defend themselves. You promote woman beaters. You submit children to degraded art and exploit them. You promote child abusers and are indeed one yourself. HYPOCRITE.

    [PADA: Dear Pancali, I promote bad art to children? I have no idea what you are rambling on about here. Show me the bad art in question and we can figure out what you are saying.

    Anyway, what I am saying is, that children molesters are not gurus and you are saying, in public, that this is wrong because its creating "bad publicity." That means you are defending children molesters posing as messiahs, saying it should not be exposed.

    You do not want anyone to protest that just like the GBC gurus do not want any protest, saying its bad news, you and your pal Prahlad are with them. So you wanted me and Sulochana to get killed so we would be silenced, and not make bad publicity for your children molesting messiahs program. Or what?

    Nor are the children who read my news promoting Bhakta das like you and your friends are doing. I was sent your message where you said you are working with the Prahlad team. And -- your best pal Prahlad is promoting the Sanat and Mukunda team, and they are promoting Bhakta das (who is promoting Radhanath and many other GBC gurus). Your team is thus promoting the people who just buried a pedophile in the holy dham. What kind of treatment of children is your team promoting? Your team are promoting the Bhakta das program, that defends the GBC gurus.

    Your hero savior Bhakta das ALSO just now said worship of Srila Prabhupada is a dangerous cancer, and your folks are with him. You are promoting the people who say Prabhupada worship is a cancer, and you are lecturing others?

    You folks are promoting the people who hate Srila Prabhupada, and the good news is, you will go to the same planet they go to.

    And your Prahlad team is promoting the Illuminati people who are promoting hunting animals with guns. Great, killing animals with guns is your folks idea of someone we should promote? And you folks are mixing in the photos of Srila Prabhupada with these beef eating animal killers?

    I am not hiding anything, if there is some "bad art" out there that I am promoting, what is that? And even if I am promoting bad art, I am not promoting the people who say Srila Prabhupada is cancer like you folks are. Never mind what I am promoting, since we have many ex-children who read my stuff and they are thanking me for giving them the worship of Srila Prabhupada, lets look at what your team promotes. ys pd

  10. Kirtanananda and Radhanath said we shouldnt protest criminals in New Vrndavana due to its "bad publicity." Prahlad and Pancali say the same exact same thing today? PADA is bad for exposing crimes at New Vrndavana. These people are complete Kirtanananda zombies, as back then. They do not know it had to be done, to expose the women's beatings, child molesting, and murders, or these crimes would continue. These people want crimes to go on in Krishnas name, like 1986. And now they say, putting a stop to these crimes is a bad idea? Thats what people did then. They are still saying what Kirtanananda was saying then, do not expose the criminals. I am for one glad you went after these crooks PADA, we did not want these bhoghus gurus to be worshiped as Krishna's gurus forever. Of course it takes a crook to love another crook.


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