Monday, December 30, 2013

OneISKCON Preaching that Gurus Are Debauchees (update)

[PADA: Oh, oh, here we go again, Danavir's site is once again saying that Lord Krishna's successor acharyas are always falling down into: Illicit sex, drugs, criminal behavior, guru tyagi, guru aparadha, less than sudra behavior, watching cheer leader's dancing on TV football, watching porno in their motorhomes, less than dog behavior, and so on. 

No wonder their temples are empty? 

(Q.) Who wants to worship less than sudras as gurus, or even less than dog's behavior?
(A.) Probably nobody, ok maybe a few folks if you give them salary.

This is good news, people are going to read this and say, hey, you mean your oneiskcon gurus are less than sudras, OK see ya later, I am leaving (just like everyone else ALREADY left). They are actually making an advertising against ISKCON, hey our gurus are totally bogus over here, do not bother to come over to this religion! And guess what, their temples are empty, its working! Notice that this is what happened in the Gaudiya Matha, as soon as they made bogus people into gurus, their place was a ghost town. ys pd 


  1. Dear PADA

    obviously those who left ISKCON or - were kicked - cannot possibly know what kind of people were taken into the movement in the past 10 years. Basically these are all materially motivated money grabbing bastards. As soon you get into a discussion with any ISKCON rank&file folk it ends up that these people have no clue what Prabhupada teaches in his books nor are they interested to know. So there is no point of reforming ISKCON. ISKCON has been changed into a social security office for 3rd world refugees and favela (slum) inhabitants. According Unicef there are 9 mio Indians living in slums right now. Thats where ISKCON is recruiting new men. So these people have only one perspective to get materially settled. Learning spiritual knowledge and adopting spiritual discipline is only used to achieve material gain of illusory lifestyle. As soon these candidates figure they are materially doing fine all spiritual regs are immediately rejected. So this is what Prabhupada wanted. Prabhupada always wanted to train up real devotees and have them engages in pure devotional service, chanting the holy name and spreading transcendental knowledge. How this could happen is that present ISKCON leaders cannot attract intelligent people anymore to become Vaishnava. These leaders themselves have become fallen by not following Prabhupada's ritvik order. Only chance to grasp at straws - ISKCON Bangalore. All those who are presently outside of ISKCON can only watch, spectate at ISKCON's collapse, stand on the sidelines. However, ISKCON Bangalore is able to pull this whole stuck ISKCON cart out of the mud! If ISKCON Bangalore starts to globally open Prabhupada temples and have only genuine devotees in their communities this whole movement can gradually brought back to Prabhupada's original formula. Rescuing humanity as global Sankirtan movement. Of course, those who are outside and trying hard to have ISKCON reformed they do a great job. However, real change can only come from within. By making ISKCON Bangalore strong!

  2. After Narayana Maharaja unexpectedly left his body, and I say unexpectedly because one year before he did he said he would name a successor but never did, his ISKCON disciples are the ones who tried to become the next successors. Bhagavat, Syamarani and I don't know who else? Did NM think he would live forever so he never named a successor? The Bhagavatam says the most amazing thing in the world is people see everyone dying all around them yet they think they will never die themselves. That is why NM's "movement" fell apart. He stole all the devotees he could and while living apparently enjoyed them then he didn't care what happened to them after he died. Is this a repeat of ISKCON gurus in the past who also used their disciples but didn't care what really happened to them? Does Mukunda really care about his disciples when the process of initiation is they must become his bodily caretaker for two weeks and then off to the next one? It boggles the mind! Did Prabhupada say at the end that only those who are sincere enough to wipe my body can be accepted as my disciples? NO! He already had plenty of sincere followers. The problem was the big leaders kept everyone else away from Srila Prabhupada. So it seems the ISKCON devotees NM was so fond of are now the very ones who wrecked his movement. How ironic!


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