Monday, December 2, 2013

Ravindra Swarupa's Pension Fund? (Philadelphia ISKCON)

Revolution in Philadelphia


The home of the American revolution is up in arms again. This time the congregation of ISKCON Philadelphia is demanding the removal of Ravindra Svarupa dasa from all administrative positions. They have tired of his lack of leadership, in which he does nothing except collect donations from the people. The congregation is scheduled to meet with Ravindra Svarupa and ISKCON Resolve next month, with ISKCON Resolve suggesting that the Philadelphia congregation be saddled with providing a pension of $1,000 to $2,000 a month for service rendered.

[PADA: The secretary of Mukunda Goswami told PADA that the "ISKCON World Review" was getting letters all through the 1980s from the rank and file devotees -- complaining about all kinds of problems: Bad actors in ISKCON's "guru" positions; Leaders who were destroying marriages; Bogus people in charge of the children; Criminal activity; Abuses of women and children, and so on. Yet Mukunda Goswami told the secretary he could not act on any of these complaints because "this is my career." 

Mukunda Goswami really could not help the people making all these complaints -- because this would jeopardize his career as a GBC guru defender, apologist and henchman. And so the abuses went on and on without being checked, because these leaders have been more concerned about their careers, retirement plans and so on, than ISKCON. And Trivrikrama swami made a similar statement to one of our associates. 

And now Ravindra will only leave if he gets a "$1,000 -$2,000 a month retirement package." He kicked almost everyone out of there, supported Kirtanananda and fools like Satsvarupa as gurus, ruined Gita Nagari, made these places into ghost towns, and caused all kinds of mayhem generally for thousands of people, and we have to pay him for wrecking these places?] 

*** Let it be said that a representative from Resolve is known to be a close friend of Ravindra Svarupa's and he is the one pushing for the pension. Is this a joke or is this just another example of the good old boys looking out for each other?

[PADA: ISKCON resolve is another version of Mukunda Goswami, pushing Ravindra's ill deeds under the carpet and asking for huge sums of money for these leaders.]
As for the present Temple situation, the community has refused any financial support until Ravindra Svarupa has been removed, with many of the people demanding that he no longer even be on the property. ….

[PADA: Good, cut them off at the root by de-funding them. Good idea. Long overdue. And just start another temple in another building, just move on! We have done that here in the Bay Area, we have an independent Prabhupadanuga temple that is doing super good, we just rented our own place and started fresh. That can be done anywhere else!] 

*** Now with the [temple's] coffers empty, will Ravindra Svarupa use his own money to pay the bills? Make no mistake, he has hundreds of thousands of dollars put away. Or will he run up the line of credit against the temple property? My feeling is he will do the latter, putting the next administration in a dire situation of debt. He will of course say it was not his fault, as nothing that as happened in Philadelphia in the last 30 years has ever been his fault.

The question is, how long will the GBC stand by while a Temple community falls apart due to the ego of one person? When will they step in, removing the impediment to the advancement of the entire congregation, who is one of their own? This community needs help. How many times does ISKCON Resolve need to be called before they see a pattern? …. It is time for them to step in and help a community of sincere devotees, putting aside their usual one-side approach of protecting their own. Please come to the aid of the Philadelphia community. It is up to you.
[PADA: Our experience is that they will let the ISKCON property be destroyed to save their good ol boys program. Cut your losses, rent your own building and start fresh. ys pd]


  1. The main body of the GBC should immediately get the temple out of the hands of Ravindra Svarupa das das, one who is the servant of only himself, Ravindra Svarupa das. He has indeed ruined all the places he has touched. All the women he has touched. Even all the male devotees he has offered his porn to while he has sex with whomever he can. The GBC has reduced his "zone" down to one temple, and even that he treats as his own private palace instead of Lord Krishna's. It was actually bombed out one time by some Islamic terrorists I heard. It would be fantastic if the GBC were to swoop down and take away the Deities and all the devotees and rent a place while Ravindra stays there all alone with his molls and laments that no one is supporting him anymore. Then kick him out before he can steal the tiles off the walls and sell them.

    1. I personally spoke with this Ravindra the first time I met him and he said to me, unbelievably, "Yes I am in maya but what are YOU going to do about it". He was so smug, as if he were going to hang on to his position forever. What am I going to do about it Ravindra? "He who laughs last laughs best.". I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh. What a fool you are. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Ravindra became GBC for Germany, Austria, Switzerland when Harikes blooped in 1998. So far it seems that Ravindra only did one thing, he mortgaged all temples in Germany, Switzerland and, since Austria is still indebted because of Prithu's mischief, keeps all temples closed in Austria. Question arises, what kind of management is this? He simply squeezes out all the money, never goes there to preach and nobody knows to where all this money is transferred. First thing he did was to proclaim that Germany is indebted with 1 Million. Nobody knows how this 1 Million debt could happen. When they gave him 1 Million he started to mortgage Switzerland temple, Korsnas Gard and German farm. So these devotees simply collect to pay the banks from where Ravindra took loans. And every year since 1998 this man is reconfirmed as GBC. Just in case you wonder why nothing happens in these countries, no books reprinted, no new farms, restaurants, nothing.

    1. Actually I was indeed wondering about that anonymous. It did seem to me that all of a sudden these temples became ruined from out of the blue. Now that I know Ravindra was in charge in them, it isn't really a surprise after all.

  3. Its about time. The congregation should put its foot down
    and don't budge until this fellow Ravindra Swarupa is removed
    from the Philadelphia temple.

    After the removal, the GBC should send this fellow to take care
    of a goshala, clean the shed and feed the cows. Only thing is,
    am not sure if the cows will be happy to have him around them.

    Hare Krsna

    1. Wyatt,

      when Ravindra was in charge of a farm in the US some rumors spread the devotees were poisoning the cows to get rid of them because they had too many cows and didn't want to pay to take care of them all. One crazy cow went up on the roof and fell through the floor boards. But how did this crazy cow get up there in the first place? It would have taken a forklift to lift it up to the second level, unless it climbed up the ladder made for a person to climb up to the hay storage area. That is what I heard anyway. No, Ravindra does need lots of purification, but he shouldn't be in charge of a fig. He can't even control his own senses. If he could, why does he run around with his female disciple and kick his godsister's buttocks literally when he becomes angry with rage?


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