Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kshamabuddhi Types Do Not Get It?

PADA: OK folks like Kshamabuddhi never seem to get it? He says we are way too heavy, if not bullies, while the victims always complain to us, we are acting like little crybabies and are not nearly heavy enough to contain their abusers. He has apparently no idea -- or even vague concept-- of what the victims feel like. How do the victims feel when these folks say its a waste of time trying to save these victims? The victims are not save-able because its like fixing the entire USA government. No wonder some of them end up alienated from the religion, the message here is -- saving them is a waste of time. He also does not get it: A few of us renegades are not capable of saving a worldwide institution at this stage. Thus, we are FIRST of all saving a few individual people here and there, we may or may not save the entire institution. We are FIRST of all getting SOME individual people to give up on the false gurus and worship the real guru Srila Prabhupada. Eventually, those people can grow into a much larger group and form an institution LATER on when they are sufficient numbers. When the entire Titanic ship is sinking, yes, you may not save the entire ship and all the passengers with a few buckets. Yet! You can save SOME of the people in a few of the lifeboats with a few buckets. So the Kshamabuddhi idea has been -- to let the entire ship and all the life boats go down, just give up altogether in hopelessness -- because he never understood the princjple that you FIRST need to save A FEW individuals. Then later! Much later! You can discuss organizing those individuals into an institution, when you have enough people to organize something. Right now we have a very nice temple here in Sunnyvale, and we have already outgrown it, its WAY too small. We are going to have to get a MUCH bigger place and they are working on that. So, start small and build from there, we never said you could save the Entire Titanic all at once with a few buckets, we said, save a few people at least, then later, maybe much later, after you build that group up to a much larger group, then you can launch a new ship. Later on! That is why they say, the longest journey starts -- with the first step. ys pd

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