Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Narayan Maharaja use of "Swami Maharaja"

PADA: I never said Narayan Maharaja was a God brother? I said he associated with the God brothers who criticized Srila Prabhupada and called him "Swami Maharaja." He was with their inner party and he agreed with their bogus nomenclatures. I said he used the same bogus title "Swami Maharaja" that the bogus God brothers used. 

There are about two hundred thousand generic "swami maharajas" all over India, its a generic title and should not be applied to a pure devotee of Krishna. There is only one AC Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada, and they refused to give him credit for being authorized to use that title. Even if they did not want to use that title themselves, fine, its a free world, -- but they have no authority to try to stop others from using that title. They are not my boss or Srila Prabhupada's either. 

NM said so many other bogus things its hard to even count them, but here is another example: he said Srila Prabhupada was wrong to have the Lord Naransingha deity in the Radha Krisna temple because -- "Lord Narasinghadeva frightens away Srimate Radharani." 

Really? Srimate Radharani is a direct expansion of Krishna, she is not frightened by anything, much less an incarnation of Krishna, she is Shaksat Hari direct, about ten trillion fold. 

The reason we worship Lord Narasinghadeva is to benefit us, to protect us. It has nothing to do with Radha and Krishna rasa? And the good news is, worship of Lord Narasinghadeva protected me from being killed by the gurus NM was supporting. They killed Sulochana and according to the FBI, would have killed me too, the Lord saved me from the hands of NM and the bogus guru cults he was supporting. 

NM was apparently not happy Lord Narasinghadeva kept me from getting crushed when he was telling everyone "Tamal Krishna swami is the dear tree of Radha," --- while Tamal was telling everyone to support Kirtanananda, and the cult that was out to kill me. NM was supporting the cult that was trying to kill me, and Lord Narasingha evidently saved me, no wonder NM holds a grudge against Narasingha dev and he wants to kick Him out of the temples. ys pd

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  1. NM is nothing but the instrumentalization of ex-ISKCONites' negative experience within ISKCON.

    1) Approx 5000 devotees felt treated terribly in ISKCON
    2) They wanted to remain within a Vaishnava community but realized that ISKCON is in no way a place to stay.
    3) Then NM entered the scene and immediately took the chance to capture all these devotees.

    Something like distress at sea you struggle to survive and suddenly there is a rescue boat. You don't ask who is on this lifeboat. You simply get on this life raft and thats it. Like that. Thats how NM collected thousands of ISKCON devotees.

    When later on these devotees found out that NM is not really on the same wavelength like Prabhupada they turned this into an instrument to once and for all reject ISKCON. Slam the door without looking back. This was/is their ructious attitude, to never have anything to do with ISKCON. Therefore instrumentalization. NM became the instrument to break away from their bad experience with ISKCON. Of course they are now to realize that their situation hasn't really improved. Of course, since ISKCON didnt get back to Prabhupada, they stay where they are.


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