Saturday, December 28, 2013

PADA is "a radical nut job"?

Puranjana: Hare Krishna a devotee named Krishna Kirtan writes this: WHICH CONCLUSION DO YOU SUBSCRIBE TO? A WORD ON CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: THE SO CALLED TRUTH TELLERS And then there are the likes of those like Tim Lee (PADA, Puranjana, and others) whose job is to radicalize the message (indirectly or directly) and make anyone who knows what's going on look like lunatics, and at the same time they act like they are representing the group of awakened individuals. These so-called truth tellers are also never ready to offer any type of tangible and sensible solutions, but only more and more hate. They are there to simply add to the division and the destruction, so instead of working to destroy from within like the others, they do do it from the outside. Two sides of the same coin, that's all. Where are the spiritual solutions being championed by these so called truth tellers? That barely happens with them. Often everything seems to be continuously about problems,

[PADA: Great stuff except, Krishna Kirtan now says -- he agrees with me on -- the bogus guru appointment; He (apparently at least) agrees with me that I was right to protest the child molesting; He agrees with me I was right to protest the books being changed; He agrees with me that there is a poison complaint; He agrees with me on really, just about everything I have been writing and saying all along since 1978? And really, he is practically like my twin brother? I have no idea what he disagrees with me on? Nor has  he ever told me once what he does not agree with me on? If he has a specific issue he does not agree with, what is it? I honestly do not have a clue, almost everything Krishna Kirtan writes is basically a carbon copy what I wrote 20 years ago. He protests our stuff, then repeats our stuff exactly? I am as baffled as you are. ys pd]     

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  1. I have often heard it said about Pada that he is crazy. I also know he cuts out conversations where he is defeated. He lies about things. He fabricates lies and knowingly propagates false propaganda. Wasn't he kicked out of Gita Nagari by the GBC there for breaking the regulative principles?

    [PADA: OK now you are fabricating things, I never lived there.]

    Ravindra Swaroopa? Or was that someone else. Pada none of we who are not pure devotees have the right to call the kettle black when we ourselves are a black pot. You are fond of quoting Jesus, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

    [PADA: OK well a lot of people agree with me that the GBC is bogus, in fact out of 5,000 original disciples only less than 250 remain, thatmeans -- everyone else left because they agreed with me that the GBC are bogus. We have the majority vote, and we all voted with our feet, and left. ys pd]


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