Thursday, December 12, 2013

Indradyumna swami's Health Problem Still Criticial


  1. Krishna was kind to him and punished him for wasting so much time with young girls, maybe now he can get serious before he croaks. He looks like crap.

    1. Now IDS wants the posts of his being ill taken down, after having them go up. What is he afraid of, that his disciples will see him taking on sinful reactions for being such a womanizer? LOL!

    2. This is called bhoga tyaga. First Indradyumna gets sick, and prays to God. Then when he is cured he goes right back to enjoying again, embarassed he was ever sick in the first place. Chewing the chewed. Enjoyment then renunciation. This might be good for new devotees but not for sannyasi gurus.

      Catholics used to place miniature skulls and their prayer beads to remind themselves death is near. What does Indradymuna use to remind himself of? The pictures he has taken of young girls. This reminds him of his success in preaching.


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