Thursday, December 19, 2013

How To Be A Guru Seminar for 2014


  1. So this is clearly a seminary for priests. Seminar on leadership skills, management style, executive ability, managerial qualities. All this is rather fake, artificial, because if someone is a real guru he doesnt has to learn how to cough like a guru, how to wear glasses like a guru, how to stage-dive like a guru, etc. So this is simply lessons how to put up a big front, a facade for fooling rank&file. Also look at Prahladananda Swami's pic. photoshopped, no tilak, Bugs Bunny grin. In sum this is of course all about ritvik. They know it but cannot disclose it because all their disciples would freak out and rebel. Remember guillotine era in France when people beheaded their aristocrats - thats what present gurus are afraid of. Main thing is we know it and btw, Prabhupada never installed deliberate siksa-gurus thats a new invention by Prahladababda Swami to distract?

  2. Arjuna said, "Oh Krishna, how does a self realized soul act? How does he walk, and how does he talk, and how does he do everything if he is an ISKCON GURU?".

    Lord Krishna said, "Just take a course given by a bogus ISKCON guru. Follow in their footsteps. The cheaters in ISKCON can give you instructions on how to do it because they have learned from the best of them, the original 11 self realized fools."


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