Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa Claus Brings Joy to Vrndavana Widows (ISKCON Times)

Today at 8:55 PM
Hare Krishna,

Santa Claus brings joy to Vrindavan widows
Hundreds of these women sang carols and danced around the beautifully decorated Xmas tree as they revelled in Christmas celebrations at the century-old Meera Sahabhagini Ashram at Vrindavan in this holy town of Lord Krishna on Sunday.

“Here, only adjustment is to live in Krishna consciousness.”
A Krishna conscious person knows that here only adjustment is to live in Krishna consciousness.

Compiling the Thiruppavai hymns
Goda had compiled 30 hymns while observing the vow and those hymns are called Thiruppavai, which is the second most translated and commented work after Bhagavad-gita.

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

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  1. Bhumi devi dasi, yesterday: Um….. Hare Krishna Gaura. Did you know that Vaisesika is in Toronto right now, going out with all the devotees for book distribution? Why are you sitting around on Facebook, trying to continue ugly fights when you could personally be with the best association in the entire world? This issue will never get resolved on Facebook and posting a video like this, with the friends you keep on Facebook is obviously going to get the type of reaction it got. Wake up and get out there and do something for your spiritual master instead of sitting in the background on this wasteland of poor taste, while missing the enormous banquet Krishna is offering you!

    For instance, the best place to do a side-by-side analysis on the two edition BGs, is in the introduction. The reason is that, the intro was from a lecture that Srila Prabhupada made in 1968 and the original tape recording is still available to listen to. If you get out your 1972 Gita, and the new edition and put the tape on and follow it, you will see the numerous mistakes that were made; incorrect references, complete removal of entire sanskrit passages, and they were corrected and brought back to Srila Prabhupada's original words in the new edition.

    In good detective work, all the evidence is studied, cross referenced and compared. You will see that, though no fault of theirs, mistakes were made by the earlier transcribers and editors, who were rank beginners in Krsna consciousness, and at that time, had little or no knowledge of sanskrit or the philosophy and had to wing it quite a bit. It is remarkable that the book came out as awesome as it did, considering who Srila Prabhupada had to work on it, and their inexperience with Gaudiya Vaisnavism.

    Also, remember that Srila Prabhupada was often not working directly with the editor, and had suffered a stroke. He was recuperating in India at the time when much of the Gita was edited. In those days, this meant communication by letter (snail mail.) If the editor had a question, he needed to write it out, send it, and wait a month for a reply. Seeing this obstacle, Srila Prabhupada authorized Hayagriva to consult some of the other, "impersonalist" Gitas on the market, (Dr. Radhakrisnan and others) for help with the translations (not the purports). Srila Prabhupada explained that the translations weren't as important as the Vaisnava commentary that he provided. But this did mean that much of the verse portion is *plagiarized* and in the literary world that is a huge no-no.

    The main thing, Andrew, is that if it is the first edition Gita that is your favorite, and it is for many…. I mean, we all became devotees reading it and didn't notice the mistakes. None of us are saying that we don't love that edition. Not at all. As a matter of fact, the BBT continues to make it available because there is demand for it. So none of us are trying to shove the second edition Gita down anyone's throat. We believe in choice. And if choice will satisfy someone, they can purchase and read either edition.

    But for some reason, those who are against the book edits, along with refusing to look at the evidence and do their good detective work, are not satisfied that the BBT makes available both versions….. That is what is really frustrating. No one is taking away their Gitas, and yet they continue to bad-mouth the BBT, the editors and on and on. I guess it is because there are huge profits to be made because they have a license to print the early edition Gita. So sad that devotees spend their time like this, while the whole world is going to hell…...

  2. Our Raghubir in guru euphoria - any idea how to sober him up?


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