Sunday, December 22, 2013

Krishna Balaram Swami "ISKCON has Spiritual Brain Cancer"

Dear PADA: I visited Krishna Balaram Swamiji today and asked him about him having a half Indian, half Western child, as quoted by the anonymous ISKCON GBC devotee. Swamiji simply laughed and told me to post the following message: 

"There are no real devotees in present day ISKCON. They have incurable spiritual brain cancer. Whoever believes that there are true devotees in ISKCON, their head needs to be examined. I can prove quoting all the Vedic Sanskrit scriptures of India that all the Gurus of present ISKCON -- and their disciples -- are going to become ghosts after suffer in hell (after they die), and no one can prove otherwise on the basis of the original Vedic scriptures. It is best to reform before death." 

Swamiji waits for his DNA to be taken because he wants that child to come and help him in his mission. 

James Walker

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  1. Interesting to note that ISKCON Mumbai is forcing their young devotees to read from SDG's meanwhile deconstructed Lilamreeta instead of making them read from Prabhupada's books.


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