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The Child Molesting Issue (update) 12/28/13

[PADA: Yes prabhu, the Prahlad team's newest authority and high priest "Bhakta das" was arrested for selling $6,000,000 worth of designer drugs in the USA, drugs that cause people to commit all kinds of crimes, go crazy, literally lose their minds (suffer nerve and brain damage) and suffer in so many ways no one can count. He made money by causing suffering to others. Later he was arrested in Puri, India where he spent six years in prison. He is one of the foremost opponents of the worship of Srila Prabhupada idea, saying this is cancer. And that is why Prahlad team has annointed Bhakta das as their new spokesman, great minds think alike. Here are some of the India newspaper accounts:

Drug 'Dracula' held for Orissa gangrape

Ashutosh Mishra / Bhubaneswar

"Drug Dracula" William George Benedict alias Bhakta Das, currently lodged in Tihar jail and high on the wanted list of American government, had a dark past in Puri, where he was arrested in a gangrape case nearly five years ago.

Das, who was then living in the holy town, had been accused of sexually assaulting Tulsi, the minor daughter of a Austrian woman, Maria Shcmidova, along with seven others. Later, Das and others were acquitted by the court for want of evidence. The case had caused a sensation in the state.

Benedict alias Das, who might have been even sentenced to death for his offences in the US, sneaked into India, probably towards the end of 1999, just before the authorities in US decided to arrest him in January 2000, before a Maryland court. He lodged himself in Orissa and Bengal as an Iskcon devotee, who wanted to preach the Krishna cult.


[PADA: Thanks, yes when I said there is a mass child molesting program, people like the GBC's ilk and / or the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Pancali types, said "Puranjan is a liar," and that is how they caused all the molesting to take place in the first place. Correct. And they still say we are liars because they are proud that their policy of calling us liars -- caused all this child molesting.] 

G: Thats very good Prahlad; its nice to see you quoting devotees instead of your quoting materialistic, meat-eating psychologists and psychopaths to hammer down your points. This a true sign of progress. If you ever need help unraveling the material knots in your life, just send me a line and I'll love to assist. Very good. but, your other perspiring thoughts on "poop smeller and bobo" (concepts from Bhakta das) must be rectified. Remember, Lord Krishna says, "Time I Am..." in that, in time you won't default to these childish attacks and quote even more devotees. Keep it up; gold star for the day.

[PADA: This is simply more proof that the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad team are STILL working with Bhakta das, and he is the one who now says the ritviks "have no guru," worship of Srila Prabhupada is "a cancer," and that we cannot criticize the GBC gurus because this is "poop smelling." Right, we need to have fools, idiots, deviants and perverts sitting in Srila Prabhupada's guru seat, all because -- anyone who protests and criticizes is "poop smelling." These people clearly do not want "the bad smell" to be removed from the Krishna religion. They have not learnt a thing since 1978, we cannot allow bogus messiahs to go on, they and their "bad smelling odors" have to be exposed.]  

G: Earlier this year Prahlad you were cited for quoting a UCLA psychologist, who happens to eat hamburgers and carne asada; when caught by Puranjana, you deleted all these posts. Why? Tell us.

http://Krishna1008: Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad/ support Gaudiya Matha deviant acharyas program. In case someone figures out why there is not so much response - it is from these devotees.

krishna1008: How Bhakta das (William Benedict) ruined Krishna's name worldwide.

We used to believe that those who joined ISKCON are highly advanced and spiritual. Not any more. I knew you would start researching PADA / Krishna1008 blog more, so this is great. I was just getting there, and you assisted me. Wonderful. You failed to mention that you quoted Swarupa Hebel, who was citing the psychologist. Its ok Prahlad. calm down and carry on. but, keep posting PADA blogs. again, great progress.

P: Prabhu when did all this stuff PADA talking bad about Mukunda and Sanat, this started with the Turley Lawsuit?

G: You know the truth , now young chap. Puranjana pulled this quote from a post that you agreed with Swarupa Hebel's psychologist friend trying to diagnose Puranjana. this is the fact. When you were spotted indirectly quoting a meat-eating psychologist, you got in a tiff; just as we see here. What did you say, "I'm starting to agree with the psychologist." you even call him accurate above.

P: And supposedly Sanat wrote a letter that said that? I agree with PADA on the ritvik stance, but it is true that he does write things that are untrue, like saying Prahlad das is a Radhanatha supporter, etc. nothing could be further from the truth.

G: You know Prahlad that you said this previously, now you deny you said this, but that is ok. that is what the GBC does: says one thing, denies it, and ask for proof that they whimsically eliminated.

P: If PADA wrote many blogs naming me in things I have no dealings with I would probably be angry with him too. Prahlad is not a bogus guru, he and Mukunda do not deserve to be defamed.

G: Prahlad was quoted to say these things about a meat-eating psychologist diagnosing Puranjana. our original stance, was why does one need to consort with a materialist on a Vaisnava's behavior. that is when Prahlad got defensive. Worse, he still hasn't answered the question, and he has been snapping at Puranjana ever since.

[PADA: Correct, Prahlad is quoting mundane psychotherapists, never mind that, he supports Mukunda's web sites that promotes meat eating illuminati nut-case speakers, using guns, promoting animal hunters, anti-semites etc. Of course even the mundane psychologists agree with PADA -- that the GBC guru process is bogus and dangerous.]

P: I would also believe PADA if I did not know you Prahlad, but I know you are just a regular devotee, and I will always like Mukunda dasa because that is where I first saw Prabhupada was on Mukunda's youtube videos.

[PADA: Thats is great -- that Mukunda got a few people interested in Srila Prabhupada, of course if anyone else gets people interested in Srila Prabhupada like we are doing, then he attacks them. So he apparently thinks he is the exclusive gate keeper for Srila Prabhupada. That is the same idea the GBC gurus have. 

And Krishna Kanta / IRM -- to some extent -- have the same disease. For example, the IRM publicly attacks us for promoting the poison issue, molesting issue and other criminal issues, because they think they are the exclusive agents of the truth -- and we are wrong to address these crimes. Sorry, the poison issue is going on all around them, its being accepted more and more, even by their own members. 

Anyway, there are many other people who are preaching about Srila Prabhupada, and we should cooperate together with them. Sulochana said the people who oppose us are helping the bad guys, plain and simple. The GBC also -- somewhat -- leads people to Srila Prabhupada -- in some indirect way or other -- but then they think they are the only gate keepers. We should not be making a monopoly on preaching about Srila Prabhupada, we should encourage ALL others who want to do that. That is why we are having so much success, we have many ritvik programs going on all over the place, because we encourage all of them.]

G: One who chooses not to answer is hiding the truth; this is played out in all history. the only reason, "i'm a fool," because you rely on writings that seem to be lost or deleted. does this make me a fool? When i still know the truth, as do you (but you are failing to admit / commit). Ask PADA if he quoted a meat-eating psychologist on behalf of Vaisnava behaviour? Prahlad. you need a rest your anger, its incinerating your clarity. Hopefully, next time you'll reveal the truth instead of abstracting it.

P: Ok this is on my agenda. I am going to call Turley, and try to get info from the case sent to me. I will ask him if i can, or will find out if Prabhupad was named as knowing that these abuses were going on. Of course we know Prabhupad is innocent, but I just want to find out if he was named in the case as as purported, which would definitely be a defamation of Prabhupad's good name. I just emailed Windle Turley, I guess we will see if his secretary gets back to me. If i don't hear anything within a week I will write a hand written letter and/or call them directly.

[PADA: What I really said is that Prahlad always cites Sanat as an authority, and Sanat is making videos with Bhakta das, and Bhakta das is promoting Radhanath swami and many other GBC gurus. Bhakta das is also promoting Gaudiya Matha's gurus like BV Puri, who promotes GBC gurus like Gopal Krishna swami and others. Bhakta das is, in other words, supporting the people whose program molested the children. 

This proves that the Prahlad team is still compromised with the molester guru program, they are STILL promoting its biggest current cheer leaders. Of course Bhakta das was arrested in Puri for allegedly child porn, and this is the Prahlad team's new spokesman / hero / guru / savior? Really? So they want to promote people who are arrested for alleged child porn, but not those of us who oppose all this child exploitation? 

As for the complaints of the children, they are just quoting people like Bhakta das, he said these gurus were authorized by Srila Prabhupada. And now the Prahlad team is agreeing with Bhakta das, i.e. they are blaming Srila Prabhupada for causing all these problems.]

P: Of course Prabhupad never authorized them. Wow that's a lot of defendents in that law suit.

[PADA: So why are Prahlad / Sanat / Mukunda citing Bhakta das on their site, when they know he is promoting the GBC's gurus, the people who orchestrated all the molesting? That's all I asked. And if people like Bhakta das brain washed the children to claim that Srila Prabhupada authorized all these bogus gurus, then Bhakta das is in part responsible for the children thinking that Srila Prabhupada wanted all this.]

P: Its a damn shame that people ike Ravindra didnt get put in jail

[PADA: 1,000 children signed up, but only 500 children were allowed to stay on the suit, but another 1,000 might have signed up if they had kept the list going. In other words, there may have eventually been nearly 2,000 complaintants.]

P: Why were they not allowed to stay on?

[PADA: The problem at the time was -- there was a growing suicide epidemic. More could not sign on because there would not have been enough money, normally molested kids get a million dollars each, there was not going to be enough millions, so the list was cut off at 500.]

P: Incredible

[PADA: So we wanted to stop the suicides, and the lawsuit did that. After the lawsuit was filed the suicides dropped way off to almost nil. Whereas Sanat and Mukunda were saying the suicides are great, let em all die. Notice: they do not want that the perps should all die? They want the perps to live and have a huge party, only the victims need to die. What is that?]

P: But really i think you shouldn't write bad about Prahlad and Mukunda I feel, simply because they are just regular people like me. They are not supporting any bogus guru or anything. There's bigger fish to fry no?

[PADA: First of all, "regular and normal people" never say that molestation victims should be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs like this Prahlad group has said. And now they are back to promoting Bhakta das, who is with the people who just buried Kirtananada in a samadhi. That is also not "regular and normal," supporting the people who are propping up criminals and molesters as messiahs? Worse, they are promoting Bhakta das on their group's web site.]

P: I dont know who Bhakta das is.

[PADA: Bhakta das is a GBC guru lover.]

P: Oh come on they are just normal people they don't want suicides come on. I don't believe that.

[PADA: Why do they say still today -- that they did not want the suicides to stop because they oppose the Turley suit? The Turley suit stopped the suicides, and they are STILL TO THIS DAY saying that is horrible, its horrible that children lived? And Bhakta das is the good guy, because he promotes the molester messiahs program? They are upset because we exposed the gurus whom Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad were all worshiping and supporting, and the grevious manner their program treated these children.]

P: Yeah I think alot of this is just misunderstanding, we are all reasonable people we should be able to come to a good conclusion

[PADA: Well now they are supporting GBC guru lover club leader, Bhakta das, why?]

P: Where exactly are they supporting Bhakta Das?

[PADA: Bhakta das is well known to be a total GBC guru supporter and he supports Radhanatha. Its on the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Pancali program's videos, their hero Muktipada made a video interviewing Bhakta das, and they are promoting him. And they have a huge thing on their web site saying we are living in a trailer park -- getting food stamps and etc. hee hee, they are going crazy. Why are they speculating like this? So now they are saying, people on food stamps are way more advanced than they are, because at least the food stamps folks know that molester guru programs are bad and have to be exposed?]

P: Question: Were ISKCON devotees who had children REQUIRED to give their children to the gurukula boarding schools?

[PADA: Not required, I kept my kids out and never put them in there. That is what Sanat and Mukunda should be doing instead of promoting Bhakta das, the person who brain washed the children, they should be working with us to clear all this up. Sanat also does not attend the Rathayatras anymore because some of the ex-kids said they'd not be happy if they ever see him again, since he said he has said he wanted their suicides. The ex-kulis basically hate these guys.] 

G: This has been our whole stance: to help them by helping You clear this up; but, ones like Prahlad keep vilifying You, making it extremely difficult to make progress.

[PADA: Also Muktipada, their site editor, wrote me that he is having a discussion with his "second life avatar" -- he is talking to his video games? I think these people are having a meltdown ... Sanat said he wanted to "kick in the teeth" of Srila Prabhupada's children, so what happened next was, his post hole digger hit a rock and it crushed his whole face in, including all of his teeth. His entire head is now stitched and wired together and the doctor told him if you ever get hit in the head again, you may die. My friend saw his mashed up face at the time, he said its a miracle Sanat even lived. So they wanted to kick Srila Prabhupada's children in the teeth, and they got kicked in the teeth.

P: I dont really know this Steven Voith person anyways,

[PADA: He is Sanat, and his writings are still found on Mukunda's site. And Prahlad says he is with Sanat, and Pancali says she is with Prahlad, birds of a feather.] 

P: I am reading the Turley pdf now, wow

[PADA: Yes, its pretty heavy, also when I was negotiating with Turley and some of the kids, at that time Sanat and Mukunda sent Turley an e-mail saying they wanted the children to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs, so then Dallas folks said I could not discuss with the kids anymore, since they were getting death threats. Sanat and Mukunda stopped my negotiations by sending a death threat to the kids. This was no doubt recorded in the Dallas court documents, that the kids are now being threatened with death.]

P: Where could I find that? If it is in court documents that should be able to be found somewhere....
Wow the turley Did any of these bogus guru defendents go to jail for any of this due to the result of this case or other similar ones? I am going through it because i am just curious about this, ive nver gone though it before.

[PADA: Good. Well since Sanat and Mukunda wrote to Turley that the ISKCON children need to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs, I am sure that is still in their Dallas court documents and records. This was also sent to the FBI by me at the time, so it in their records. And I also sent a copy of their death threats to these ISKCON children to the Angelica New York Police department, where Sanat lives, probably that document is still in their records. 

Anyway, the suit did stop the suicides almost totally, and that was the whole aim and object, we wanted these kids not to die. The people who wanted these kids to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs wanted them to die, and they are angry some were saved, its that simple. And that is why Sanat no longer attends festivals, after saying he wanted to kill these children, they are looking for him at these festivals.]

G: Prahlad, do you really think Prabhupada approves of His children committing suicide? no. anyway, because Puranjana is fully surrendered to Prabhupada, His actions are sanctified by Prabhupada; he is doing the work Prabhupada has laid out for him since his initiation in the early 70s. we can still help you from anger and lust if you ever want it. Who else was there to make sure Prabhupada's children didn't commit suicide? no one. again, this was all sanctified.

[PADA: Yes, and this is why Sanat's face was bashed in with a post hold digger, he said he wanted to kick Srila Prabhupada's children in the teeth, so his whole head was kicked in. Now he is promoting Bhakta das, one of the persons who mislead the children. Yes, that is why, when Sanat and Mukunda wrote that these children need to be killed and chopped up, they are misrepresenting Srila Prabhupada. That was never the mood of Srila Prabhupada, ever. Where does Krishna and Srila Prabhupada say their children need to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs? These folks are totally mis-representing Krishna and His idea of how to treat children. 

Mukunda is still citing Sanat as his authority. And Prahlad says that he is with Sanat and Mukunda's view on this issue, so he also favors the suicides program. And the statement that the children need to be chopped up is a joint statement from Sanat and Mukunda, because Mukunda posted it on his site. Yep, chop em up, kill em. And lets save the perps.]

P: Well this Turley lawsuit makes ISKCON look very bad, but of course its not the lawsuits fault its the evil people that corrupted ISKCONs fault. ISKCON is in shambles even before the lawsuit.

[PADA: Thats right, we agreed to that, what the lawsuit did was to stop the suicides, that is what it did. So they wanted ISKCON to look worse, they wanted it to look like a child suicide program. They wanted the headlines of the "New York Times" to be, "ISKCON children's suicide epidemic," and they told me that is what they wanted at the time. They wanted the children suicides to get way worse, they told me that at the time, and they still wanted that, they are still saying we were wrong to curb the suicides, they want to see dead children, or what?] 

P: Well yes better something (saving the children) is better than nothing

[PADA: Right, it was a rock and a hard place situation, we chose the hard place vs dying on the rocks. Sanat and Mukunda wanted them to die on the rocks. And they still do ... no change in attitude ever, they are still not happy that children did not die. And now Sanat is promoting Bhakta das, the cheer leader of the GBC gurus?] 

P: just skimmed through the Turley PDF, from what i saw Prabhupad is not being blamed for anything there, the gurukula teachers, supervisors, bogus people like Keith Ham, etc are being blamed..... from what i could see in that pdf from here

[PADA: In any case, the Turley case was an emergency situation, the children were committing suicide. After the case was filed, the suicides dropped to almost nil. Before we can do anything else, we have to stop the bleeding, otherwise, the patients will die. And for Sanat and Mukunda to be posting an open letter on their site, and sending that letter to the New York Times, the Dallas law firm etc., saying that the ISKCON children needed to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs, simply astonished people at the time for being so heartless and cruel to the victims, at the same time, not calling for any action to be taken against the perps. 

Clearly theirs was a view that favored the perps and stepped jack boots all over the victims. That is why many of the ex-kulis got so angry with the Sanat / Mukunda team at the time, they were attacking these children victims in order to save the GBC gurus and perps. 

And that is why Sanat avoids going to places where the kulis are now, the kulis hate his guts because they know he was publicly calling for them to die. Of course now that we see they are compromised with Bhakta das, this is all starting to make sense, they are compromisers with the victimizers. At the same time, Bhakta das was arrested for alleged child porn in Puri India, and is this the guy they want as their public spokesman? Yes, people who are arrested for alleged child porn are the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahald gurus, speakers and authorities, plain and simple. They have surrendered there. Anyway thanks for letting me clear this up, ys pd] 


  1. Dear PADA these folks to whom you're talking to are plain and simple - rank&file devotees who never had anything to do with leadership. Of course do they feel honored to be addressed by PADA as if they were selected GBC members who are responsible for the lives of hundreds of devotees. As soon someone has internet he/she is a bigshot? So what happens all these folks who Prabhupada would chase to go out and actually do something are evolving now into big egos who figure on cyberspace they are getting famous? Consequently they are now all day online and hallucinate themselves into big leaders who control fate of the whole world. Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad - whats the point, these folks are simply struggling to survive - are on welfare.

    [PADA: Yes. These types of folks are on welfare, SSI, crazy pay etc. Yep agreed. We just wanted to point out, that's the only type of people left marching forward with Bhakta das to promote the GBC's guru program, the nut jobs, SSI crazy pay people, and sympathizers with the molester messiahs program.

    You are also correct, all of the sane and sincere devotees are working with us to promote Srila Prabhupada, while these guys are simply leader - wanna - bes, not unlike the GBC gurus themselves.

    A devotee also wrote to say that all he ever hears is complaints from these Prahlad people, its constantly one big headache, one big belly ache after another, they never tell us anything about their nice Prabhupadanuga programs. like PADA advertises all the time, because they have no nice program and never will have.

    A devotee wrote to say, they have no program other than belly aching and doing nothing but trying to stop the sincere people who want to move forward and do something practical to promote Srila Prabhupada. We wanted to write this all up however, because every now and again this issue comes up and unfortunately, we have to explain it over again once in awhile. That's why I decided to just explain the thing in detail so that it can be used as a permanent reference next time anyone asks. I had to explain it to these folks here, so why not share that and let everyone get up to speed on the history of what happened. We also wanted people to know that when these people call us liars, they create mass child molesting by discrediting those of us who brought the issue forward, so everyone should know who has supported that agenda. ys pd]

  2. When Bhakta das is their authority, they have none. Even ISKCON gurus do not want Bhakta to defend them, they know he has zero worth. Not really amazing then ... that the dregs all support each other.

  3. Thanks prabhu, yes Prahlad says he debated me and defeated me, no, he simply says that Sanat and Mukunda never asked for the children to be killed and chopped up, that never happened, he is re-writing history. He can only win by making up things. ys pd

  4. *** Thank you for ruining all the temples and throwing them into bankruptcy instead of going after legally the men who did all the abusing of the gurukulis, and the children as well.

    [PADA: You have not gone after even one of these perps or GBC leaders yourself, ever. You wanted the children to be molested, and then commit suicide, while you stil, even to this day, do not lift a finger to help them at all.

    You folks are the reason they were committing suicide in the first place, you do not even mention them or their suffering because you see these children as a big burden, and they know that, you folks have no regard for them and ndever did.

    And that is why they suffered so much they were dying, because people like you see these kids as simply a problem, let em die, and that is also why the Prahlad group said the same thing, these kids should just die. You just made them suffer all the more. If you want to sue people, then do it and get over it. What are you waiting for, there are thousands of lawyers in every city, call one up and start suing people. Get off your lazy behind and do something yourself? Sanat Mukunda said the same thing, you did not sue this one that one, you did not sue that one, they have not sued anyone ever? They wanted all the perps to go totally free, and that is why they caused the children to be depressed and resort to suicide, you people never even mention them or their suffering. you just wanted them to die. That is what the dictator's program is, people who oppose us have to die.]

    *** I'm sure Prabhupada would have loved what you did to his movement.

    [PADA: We are starting a new movement, this ISKCON movement is dead and dying on the vine and has been since 1977. You cannot worship the people who poisoned pure devotees and have success, it will not happen.]

    *** Now you want all the devotees to abandon iskcon and follow you?

    [PADA: They already abandoned it, there are less than 250 original Prabhupada devotees left in ISKCON, its a ghost town. Our devotees here have had to buy an 80 acre place to expand because their temple is too much packed with people.]

    *** Where is that in the Bhagavad Gita, abandon Srila Prabhupada's movement and follow you? Is it in YOUR upcoming version translation and purport of the bhagavad gita soon to come? Remind me to burn it, tear the pages out of it, and destroy one if I ever get my hands on one as a donation, because that is all it would be good for, taking it out of circulation. Your websites are all garbage heaps.

    [PADA: Well you are in a dying institution, every day more people leave it and they join our idea. Our idea is moving ahead, you and your GBC guru idea is dying out, plain and simple. Our web sites are getting more interest than the GBC guru web sites, and they are not even writing to defend themselves anymore because who wants to listen to Ravindra swarupa anyway? The people at his temple are trying to get him out, they want these people out, and they are on their way out. Our idea is going forward, plan and simple. ys pd]

  5. PRAHLAD DAS: For the record: I have never had any communication ever with Bhakta Das.

    [PADA: We never said you did? We said you many times defended Sanat / Mukunda and they are promoting Bhakta das, that means you are promoting the people who are promoting Bhakta das. Did you even pass kindergarten grammar?]

    *** I know nothing about him, I'm not interested, yet Timmy writes over & over that I am his disciple & top supporter!

    [PADA: And you are, you are sitll telling people you are with Sanat and Mukunda even recently, and they are supporting Bhakta das now, or did you forget what you said recently?]

    *** Total nonsense. I do not even associate with any ISKCON, GM, etc. followers. I only associate with Prabhupadanugas, online & off, otherwise I would rather be 'alone' with Prabhupada's Vani. Of course Timmy won't quote this on his blog. He has never quoted me even once although he has written lies about me (& others) hundreds of times! He is a liar, a cheat, and a coward. Anybody with any intelligence can see that.

    [PADA: Nope, we said you are supporting the people who are supporting Bhakta das, and you are. We said you are supporting people who make Illuminati web sites that promote beef eating speakers and you are. You complained to someone recently that you basically have no association, well no wonder, you are promoting rubbish by promoting the people who are promoting rubbish. I did not lie either, I have sent the links to those who inquired that Sanat / Mukunda program promotes Bhakta das -- and you keep saying like a broken record, you are with their team? We have your statements on record, or do you not recall what you say? Sorry, you wrote to me dozens of times that you support these guys, and you told me the illuminati site is good because it gets lots of hits, you admitted right then and there that you support beef eating speakers, you told me that yourself, their site is good! If you cannot remember what you said a few weeks ago, then you need to lay off dope. Anyway I am glad you keep bringing this up, because it gives us an opportunity to expose the real history here. ys pd]

  6. Thanks prabhu, Yes you are right, one of the first persons Pancali and Prahlad invited into their anti-pada group is Bhakta das. Prahlad and his group are directly promoting the person who says worship of Srila Prabhupada is a cancer, yep you got it! And the purpose of their group is to shut down the Prabhupadanugas, and help people like Bhakta das promote the bogus gurus, yes thats the whole issue in a nutshell. ys pd

  7. As for Pancali, she has wrote terrible things to her former "shiksha guru and best friend" (some of her former friends now call her "A Tarantula" who eats the people she loves) and we have all seen her posts, and we have them all collected together in a file now.

    Your program betrays even your best friends and even people you folks say are your shiksha gurus, and your program calls your best allies all kinds of evil names. We have all of her posts collected together and she has clearly shown that you people are not loyal even to your own siksha GURUS, what to speak of your best friends, and what to speak of others?

    If you attack your own best fiends and shiksha gurus, then you will attack anyone less than that? Your problem is that you have no loyalty. I brought out the poison tapes, as soon as I did that, you guys attacked me and you thus helped the poisoners. Why are you always helping that group and not helping those of us who are exposing them? Because you are loyal to the poisoners? Or what? When are you going to give us a good reason for your always helping the bad guys and attacking those of us exposing the bad guys? Anyway thanks for making this post that you support Sanat / Bhakta das, that is clear written evidence in itself that you are with the Bhakta das team. He is promoting Radhanath, so that means, I was right all along. You just now gave me written proof of that. I am glad you want me to make this all public, goody. I just did. ys pd

  8. This is your final chance PD. Your time is almost up. You have to stop lying NOW, and remove ALL the hundreds of LIES about Prahlad, Mukunda, Sanat, Janardan, Pancali and other Prabhupadanugas from your blogs & websites.

    [PADA: OK, so you guys made a group to oppose me, and one of the first persons you put on your group is Bhakta das. Then Sanat made a video with Bhakta das and its on his site. Now you are admitting you are working with Sanat, that is your first statement out of the box here, you admit, you are ALL working with Sanat, who is promoting a video of Bhakta das. I am not lying when I REPOST what you just said here, AGAIN!

    And now, ok as of this second, you AGAIN admit that you are working with Sanat, the person who is promoting Bhakta das? Can you please just simply re-read what you just now posted? You said you are working with Sanat, the person who is making videos promoting Bhakta das? Are you reading what you are yourself writing just now? You just now admit you are working with the people who are promoting Bhakta das, and all I did was to point that out?

    And you just now re-confirmed AGAN! that you are working the the Sanat and Bhakta program herein? And Bhakta was recruited by you as a member of your group against me.

    You guys have STILL not explained why you are working with and promoting Bhakta das, and you just AS OF NOW admit you are on the team that promotes him? Just explain why you are promoting the people who say worship of Srila Prabhupada is bogus and a cancer, and Radhanath is bona fide? That's all, just answer the points please without further prevarication. You want to shut me up, well fine, that is what Tamal said in 1978? Now you are quoting Tamal? Can you explain why you are with all of these people and just get it over with? ys pd

  9. Your time is almost up, but the GBC gurus time is never up. Yep, they want you to stop, so that their GBC gurus can go on forever. Very clear whose side they are on.


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