Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Ritvik Representative of the Acharya

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  1. Basically this was already elaborately summarized and published by Sulochana pr and Puranjana pr in 1985 - 26 years ago. Why lately 50 new competing Prabhupadanuga websites appeared on the web is an interesting phenomenon.

    After all those years of dragging ISKCON reform it became evident that all Prabhupadanugas reject the idea of electing their leaders. Although Prabhupada introduced election of temple presidents it somehow is rejected by present Prabhupadanugas. Instead present Prabhupadanugas prefer leaders who emerge because of their quality of work, character, power, influence, strength. What is also totally rejected by all Prabhupadanugas, that temple congregations have any right to remove a leader who could not prove good leadership skills.

    In other words, what we have right now in form of innumerable competing Prabhupadanuga websites propping up is nothing but impatiently kicking one's heels in the forthcoming run for position and control.

    So far so good.

    Meanwhile rank&file devotees are not that stupid anymore to follow someone like sheep. In consideration of so much total insanity in ISKCON's leadership camp rank&file want more rights. Presently devotees rather stay where they are (they had plenty of time to adjust) instead of again being at the mercy of control freaks, big egos, tyrants.

    ISKCON's present rank&file camp are similarly perplex how ritviks will manage. So there has to be kind of creating an atmosphere of trust, climate of confidence that rank&file devotees are on the save side and not once again exploited, used as fuel, turned into cannon fodder, shoved in the shredder.

    E.g., having Prabhupadanuga leaders who promote Hitler, end up in jail and set off a global media avalanche like that:

    Isnt this worse than Hansadutta and Ramesvara?


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