Saturday, December 21, 2013

At Least Prabhupadanugas Get Some Mention Here


  1. Well these folks figure it all is in auspicious South India, Bangalore - Sri Radha Vinodabihari, Bangalore and ISKCON, Bangalore. Sri Radha Vinodabihari, Bangalore is the temple of Sri Radha Vinodabihari. In other words, NM's followers are also ritviks.

    They won't name any successor guru of NM. Only problem, these people are aware that NM urged and shouted encouragement for ISKCON's false guru program what created the bloody mess of a huge battle field of fallen new devotee soldiers, thousands and thousands having their lives spoiled.

    NM's only lapidary comment: "oh oh, oh no, oh, oh no, how could that happen? Anyway I' ll re-initiate you, just come over. And don't forget to bring your savings bank book." In sum, we are now supposed to pay dandavats to NM's samadhi and his camp.

    Those who refuse to bow down are rejected. What can be done, this is present Vaishnava intelligence.

    Accept it or you can reject it, that's our choice. Looks like all these leaders - GM / ISKCON - are attached to possess empty builduings?

    Prabhupada: ""Rich" means they have piled up stones and bricks, that's all. This is their richness. What is there in the richness here? But people are common men. They think that this piling of bricks and stone is like real civilization. What do you think? Is that real civilization?"

  2. notice how all those seva teams of NM are so small. There should be thousands of devotees -


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