Sunday, December 15, 2013

Harivilas: "Unity Of ISKCON Has Been Broken"

[PADA: Thanks for your comment prabu. Yes you are right. Harivilas is saying (A) The acharyas are subordinated to "the GBC's managers." And (B) Harivilas is one of the group of "acharya managers." Therefore (C): Harivilas is the material and spiritual master of the acharyas. 

Yes, that is correct, Harivilas now openly claims he is the boss of the Lord's successors and acharyas. Harivilas is saying that Krishna no longer has to dictate to the acharyas, Krishna has no authority to dictate to the acharyas anymore since -- Harivilas has taken over Krishna's job as the "dictation to the acharya." 

Yep, you are right, that is exaclty what he is saying: Krishna has been kicked out of His post as the internal super-soul manager of the acharyas, the acharyas now need an external source of guidance, namely, Harivilas. And yes, Srila Prabhupada says it is a severe offense to consider that the acharyas need to be corrected and advised like this. Yes, Harivilas is saying he is the new over lord dictation to the acharyas, you heard correctly. ys pd]

[PADA: This is a good start, some of the leaders are admitting that the movement has been broken into bogus guru splinter groups. Harivilas says that first the problem is -- ISKCON people only listen to their GBC guru, and not to Srila Prabhupada. Hee hee! The GBC's followers do not listen to Srila Prabhupada anymore, they only listen to their GBC gurus, and this is main problem. That means that Harivilas is agreeing with us, the GBC gurus are not repeating what Srila Prabhupada said.

Harivilas is saying we all need to be SHIKSHA gurus, by giving the BASIC points. Then Harivilas says that we need to follow the principle of acharya-upasanam, worship of Srila Prabhupada. Ooops, ok and who took that worship away? OK its these bogus gurus who are not emphasizing Srila Prabhupada.

He says, all of Srila Prabhupada's Gaudiya Matha God brothers were good devotees, but they failed to follow the managerial instructions, and they instead became bogus gurus. Ooops, and that is what ISKCON has done. Harivilas admits that the GBC guru system is identical to the bogus Gaudiya Matha system.

Harivvilas says, we need to have an organizational management program, and that is missing. Right, and managers are not supposed to manage the guru, nor is there any example of managers who direct the guru? That means they are not following the orders of Srila Prabhupada. And then Harivilas agrees with us, these false gurus are "destined for the most obnoxious regions of the universe." Right, the GBC has made unqualified people to become the acharyas, and the Isopanisad says -- that these people will be cast into hell, and Harivilas is quoting this! "The bigger they are the harder they fall."

Then Harivilas says that these false leaders are being infiltered with of personal ambition, they want to be number one. Then he says, these false leaders are demanding respect and not commanding respect. Then Harivilas says we need to make sure the guru is an UTTAMA Adhikary. OK, what we said for years. Who is the acharya who delivers the conditioned souls? It has to be Srila Prabhupada, because he has the qualifications of an acharya. And Harivilas says it is very clear who is the uttama adhikary in ISKCON, and it is Srila Prabhupada.

So we should  work cooperatively under that principle, worship of the acharya, achayaposanam. This is good stuff. Harivilas is saying much of what we have been saying all along. The only problem is that Harivilas says we need to have many gurus on the Governing Body, ok he still does not get it, the guru is not subordinated to the managers. There is no example of any gurus being subordinated to a group of managers.

So Harivilas is making some headway, we need to emphasize Srila Prabhupada, but he still thinks that the guru parampara are simultaneously managers, and worse, that the guru is subordinate to the managers. Anyway, this is a start, but there is only some light at the end of the tunnel, we need to move this forward more, but hey, some progress is better than none. ys pd]


  1. he is just another hypocrite,...since he is having durga puja`s (worshiping of deity of durga in iskcon temple) against SP instruction on this matter.

  2. yes, the question is, if the parallel line authority only a way is to assume complete power, out of gurus to GBC. Make the so call gurus less important and attach the folks to Srila Prabhupadas teaching through the glasses of GBC.
    So we should ask our self, if the GBC our ever well wishers are, remembering history we should not forget all storage things what are going in the name of Krishna conciusness. like all ready mention, demigod worship etc. etc.
    so we should guard our self of wolfs in sheep felt.
    Maybe this what they speak sound alright, but they should show also with they action, by adapting principles left by His Divine Grace, that they really mean seriously, otherwise, like already said, it's just hypocrisy.
    so let's us not be taken away by sweet word, because even a milk touch by the lips of the snake become poisoning.

  3. Personally I am glad Harivilas is in charge of the gurus. If it comes down to Pada or Harivilas, both of them are trying to tell the gurus what to do.

    [PADA: Yes, that is what we thought you were saying, you think they are gurus and gurus need correction from the likes of Harivilas. Hah hah. ys pd]


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