Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Isn't Ravindra in Jail?

Dear PADA: If it is true that Ravindra Swarupa has asked for a $1,000 - $2,000 retirement benefit from ISKCON, that is illegal. The director of a registered non-profit charity is not allowed to take even a penny from the non-profit charity for personal use. Why has this alleged request ... for a fraudulent use of non-profit funds ... not been reported to the secretary of state of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania charity commission, the IRS, and other State and Federal agencies?

The director of a non-profit charity -- asking for that charity to pay him a stipend after he leaves the charity, is illegal. If there is a written request for this pension, can we get a copy? Who is in charge of this investigation and how can we contact them? And since this has been going on with so many leaders taking off with assets and funds, why is this always being allowed?

No normal charity would allow their directors to demand a pension before they leave the charity. To steal thousands of dollars for a bogus pension from a non-profit is a felony crime. This is illegal, and its been illegal all along, so why is this never reported to the proper authorities? That is why all this cheating is allowed to go on, its never reported to the proper authorities. When is this cheating going to stop? When are people going to finally wake up and actually prosecute these cheaters?

Your humble servant, The Philadelphia Inquirer     


  1. This is of course symptomatic for all of ISKCON history. A situation you won't find even in the most tamasic mountain village community. Most outrageous, scandalous crimes and nobody is ever convicted. They all walk free, buy houses, visit presidents and jet-set around the planet. And year after year we are told to increase our wrath against these people? Wait, isn't this making you sick like a dog, constantly building up anger what finally destroys you from within? Think twice, life is short!

  2. Might be that he is not in jail because the Prabhupadanugas watch all day this type of stuff

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  4. After years of wondering myself why no one stops the leaders from swindling their disciples I have finally been inspired by the Paramatma, and the reason is this: Most of the GBC also want to run off with the funds when they "retire". They are weak and powerless spiritually. Purity is the farce among such men and women. Books are now baseless. Futility is the principle. And preaching is digressive.


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