Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oneiskcon Site says: GBC Are Authoritarian Dictator Tyrants: Agreed!


RAYA NITAI Dasa; I was privileged to have a small part in the process of designing this piece of legislation. I was presented with an eighth draft of the paper about a year ago and I gave some input at that time, although it appears to have been largely discarded.

[PADA: The Paralell Lines of Authority paper idea has been around for over a decade, and its never been finalized because there are no examples of God's successor gurus being under the control of a managerial body, and having (1) gurus and (2) managers on paralell (equal) platforms. There is no such thing as the managers of a Church being equals to Jesus and having paralell positions of authority. Its an insane proposal from square one.] 

I was asked by the member of the Parallel Lines Committee who gave me the draft, not to share it with anyone so that there would not be different versions of the paper floating around.

[PADA: There are already different versions floating around?]  

Therefore, I have not and will not share the draft with anyone. However, in order to show the direction the committee has adopted in regards to creating this legislation, I will provide short excerpts from the eighth draft that have been omitted from the final edition. I feel that this is necessary to illustrate to the reader exactly what is in the minds of the leadership of ISKCON.

When the final edition was made public, I noticed that many important points that were previously included in the eighth draft were left out, making the final edition an extremely one-sided and authoritarian piece of legislation. I also noticed that many quotes from Srila Prabhupada that were very relevant to the subject matter had been omitted.

In this report, I will show, in-depth, how the leadership of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is mirroring the current secular geo-political trend of implementing authoritarian rule over the public and effectively eliminating most, if not all of every citizen’s Krishna-given liberties.

This trend also bears a canny resemblance to the Zonal-Acharya system, which was allowed, by the GBC, to foster for over a decade after the disappearance of our beloved Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The difference being the GBC acting as the sole, unified Zonal-Acharya, instead of a group of swamis and gurus, with little connection to one another, competing for supremacy.

[PADA: Yep, what we said all along, its a bunch of tyrant dictators posing as messiahs, thanks Raya Nitai das and One ISKCON for agreeing with PADA. You guys are saying what we said in 1979, welcome aboard! ys pd] 

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