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Brief History of the 1987 GBC report

Radha Krishna Deities  

[PADA: On May 22, 1986 Sulochana das was assassinated, and two days later the police arrested "Thomas Drescher" aka Tirtha das -- from New Vrndavana -- for that murder. According to the FBI, the next person on their "hit list" was yours truly, the PADA editor. This was verified by other police accounts, and this is why we were interviewed by the police and media afterwards, and we were interviewed recently by the "Investigation Discovery" channel -- since they checked the police accounts. 

When Tirtha was arrested -- around May 24, 1986 -- the police discovered a hand written note that was found in his pants pocket -- with a description of my Ford pick up truck -- and my truck's licence plate number. So the GBC "hit men" were "doing surveillance" on me and my truck. I had ALREADY been writing my own protest papers at the Berkeley ISKCON temple before Sulochana left New Vrndavana to join with me in protesting these false gurus. 

In 1985 Sulochana phoned me from Texas, just after he fled from New Vrndavana, saying he was going to join with me here in Berkeley. He stopped briefly in Los Angeles where he bribed a devotee to get a microfiche copy of "Srila Prabhupada's letters." We began to read these letters and realized there was a good reason the letters were being hidden, there was a lot of criticism of the GBC in those letters. Sulochana and me were in a Berkeley motel room when Ramesvara called him, and demanded that he return the microfiche or "become dead meat on a hook." That is what Sulochana told me Ramesvara said to him in any case. So we knew we were onto something with these letters, and we were. We bought two "microfiche readers" and began to read the letters, something no one else was doing at that time, because no one else had copies.  

And so, Sulochana began writing his own protest papers. He said his "Guru Business" booklet would focus on "the letters" while my writings should focus on "quotes from the books." So we agreed to that plan, and thus he wrote "The Guru Business" while I was already writing and publishing the earlier version of "Our Living Guru" -- using mainly quotes from Srila Prabhupada's books. 

Sulochana had no actual income and very little money, so I was donating to him items of food, clothes, supplies and money to print his publications. Oddly some people even claiming to be Prabhupadanugas are now saying that my having a "karmi job" was bogus, and I should not have had any income at all to share with Sulochana das. So this was another technique of the GBC's bogus guru program, to sort of "starve off" opponents by telling other people not to help the "dissenters" with funds and other assistance. Then again, we had to rely on "a karmi job" the whole time, since we really have not got much financial assistance from "the devotees." 

I find it rather amazing that there are still some people complaining that I have had a job and was helping support Sulochana with some funds, that means -- there is still a lot of sympathy for the evil doers -- despite it is now well known they orchestrated the murder of Sulochana. They wanted Sulochana's program to be starved off then, and some still begrudge that we helped his program even up to the present day. Our critics also wanted my program to be silenced by lack of funds, and then the GBC gurus would have had hardly any resistance. So this means, these people still have sympathy for the GBC gurus, they wanted our protest to be squashed. 

This "cutting off support" is almost like being "banished and shunned" by the Catholic Church in Medieval times. A shunned person could not buy, sell, trade, marry, etc. -- they would be cut off -- socially and economically. So this was making it very difficult for us to function at all. This is still pretty much the same program today, except now, the leaders starve off even their own people who are always begging for fifty cents to support -- Krishna type web sites, help sick devotees, buy new vehicles for preaching programs etc. 

A few elite leaders have no problems getting massive amounts of funds, meanwhile just about everyone else has problems getting fifty cents worth of funds. So even many of their own sympathizers are having a hard time obtaining funds these days, and many of their temples are in ill-repair due to lack of funds. The only program that is fully funded is the GBC's lawsuit against the Prabhupadanugas, apparently costing around $20 million dollars -- to date. No shortage of funds to harass the Prabhupada devotees!  

So, the general policy of the ISKCON leaders is more or less to starve off other programs, even programs that have people who are sympathetic to these leaders, and feed their main program -- keeping these gurus living in opulence, and to sue and harass those who do worship Srila Prabhupada. This "economically shunning and isolating" policy is making many folks believe that this whole guru imbroglio since 1977 is mainly about the control of ISKCON's money, assets and manpower, and has hardly anything to do with actual philosophical points.

So that is why the title of Sulochana's book is a great summary, "The Guru Business." A few elite people control all the money and assets, and everyone else is cut off economically. A business. Of course this is the same idea as Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim Jong Un of North Korea etc, -- a few elite people live like kings -- and everyone else gets little or nothing. A dictatorship. 

Its mainly about economic control, a business, and dissenters are "bad for business" quite simply stated. Sulochana also envisioned some huge lawsuit to "de-fund the GBC gurus." He said, as long as they have money they will use that money to sue us, harass us, and maybe -- hire people to come and kill us. Of course, as soon as a lawsuit was started to de-fund the gurus -- and give some relief to many of the abused ex-youth -- some people protested the Windle Turley lawsuit. 

These critics complain that "this lawsuit is all about money," --- right, the whole issue has been "all about money" from square one. And that is what Sulochana said, its a guru business, it is all about the control of money. These critics meanwhile have had no plan to do anything to fix anything either, thus they never started a counter lawsuit or anything else of substance. They just complain that de-funding these gurus and helping the children's suicide problem is a bad idea, but they have done nothing else to legally challenge the bad guys themselves, then -- or ever since. The main person who has legally challenged the bogus gurus is Madhu Pandit das, and if you want to know if de-funding the GBC would be a good idea, ask him.   

One of the last things Sulochana said to me (on the sidewalk in front of Berkeley temple) was, "We need to split up, if we are together they will kill both of us at once. If we are separated, one of us will live -- to call the police and explain what happened and -- I feel I will probably never see you ever again." In short, he knew he was going to die. That is what he told me on May 20, 1986, and he was assassinated on May 22, 1986.

Dissenter's Vehicle Under Surveillance by New Vrndavana (similar to pic). 

Meanwhile Hansadutta had decided in early 1986 to declare Kirtanananda as "the purest devotee on the planet" -- and to send all of the Berkeley devotees to New Vrndavana to "surrender to Srila Kirtanananda Bhaktipada." Thus -- some of Hansadutta's men were now part of the team to "chase us down." Sulochana was very alarmed at this new alliance, he said "Kirtanananda's cult is already very dangerous, and Hansadutta's is equally dangerous, and now that they are joining together and working against us, this is very dangerous for us. We might not survive this new alliance plan." He was right.

Meanwhile, the 1986 "reformers" like Ravindra Swarupa joined with Satsvarupa Das Goswami saying that Kirtanananda is the purest devotee and bona fide acharya on the planet and so on. So almost everyone of the leaders was converging together to support Kirtanananda. Even the independent maverick Hansadutta was backing Kirtanananda. That means the whole direction of usurped ISKCON was moving towards making Kirtanananda their de facto main messiah, over-lord acharya, greatest authority and really the "King of the movement." And for awhile, he was. At that time, Kirtanananda used to regularly sit in his big guru seat covered with the hands of fifty young boys, and while the other leaders apparently thought this was fine, a CBS news lady thought this was "pedophile heaven." 

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am the King of ISKCON

And ultimately that means -- me and Sulochana were swimming upstream against all these combined forces to oppose Kirtanananda. Its really no wonder Sulochana was killed, when the whole movement was at that time saying that Kirtanananda is "like Jesus, Haridas Thakura and Prahlad" in their Janurary 1986 "Back to Godhead" magazine and so on. That means me and Sulochana were opposing no less than another Jesus, at least to members of the usurped program. Ramesvara's hit men later admitted to me that Ramsevara was asking them to help in the program to "get Sulochana." 

So the penalty for opposing their bogus Jesus is perhaps, death, for "being an offender to the next Jesus." So that is how the GBC, the reformers like Ravindra Swarupa etc., and even Hansadutta were all painting me and Sulochana at the time. We were "offenders" to the next messiah Kirtanananda. And since we were offending the next Jesus -- if we were killed, that would be "doing service to God." That is how all these people tried to paint me and Sulochana at the time, Kirtanananda is another Jesus, we are offenders to the next Jesus. And thus in 1986 me and Sulochana were well aware they were painting us as "offenders to the next Jesus," in order to get us killed.   

A short time after Sulochana was killed three goondas came to Berkeley from New Vrndavana and they were chasing me down the street, when an "un-marked" police car suddenly emerged from nowhere and saved me -- because now, the Berkeley police were doing surveillance on me. In other words even the police knew that Kirtanananda and Hansadutta were orchestrating criminal behaviors, and that people like me could be killed. One of the authorities said to me, its amazing that the Christian's fanatics go out and kill abortion doctors, but fanatics in your religion want to kill other members of their own religion, they want to murder their own brothers from their own religion.  

So Krishna saved me from being attacked (and maybe killed?) by those goondas. Sulochana was right, these two made a dangerous combination. Sulochana also said that Satsvarupa was the main "behind the scenes master mind" of trying to get us killed, because SDG was saying Kirtanananda is a pure devotee and us protesters are demons. Sulochana said SDG is painting a bull's eye on us "dissenters" by his writings. In 1986 the GBC had their "Guru Reform" where their leaders (like Ravindra Swarupa) declared that Sulochana das was "offending a great devotee like Kirtanananda." So the weight of the "reformers" was now on our backs as well.

1986 Ford Police Intercepter Special / Cavalry Has Arrived. The Police told me: "You will have to call the Berkeley Police Station daily or we will put out an APB to find you."

Shortly after Sulochana's murder, the NEW VRNDAVANA farm was raided by the Federal Marshals and the entire ISKCON was under a lot of police and media scrutiny because their "gurus" were now being linked to the assassination of a dissenter. All of this was of course creating a panic in the bogus GBC's guru camp, and so they decided to make a series of "reforms" in 1987, to try to back themselves away from the scandal. The "1987 GBC report" reflects some of the changes they were forced to make to try to paper over their involvement in supporting Kirtanananada:]

The 11 gurus 1978


Governing Body Commission Resolutions

March, 1987

1. Ramesvara is removed as member of GBC.

[PADA: Ramesvara had been caught a number of times "dating" his young female "gukuli student." A transcript of his visiting the Santa Monica mall with the female student started circulating. The real reason he left? We think its because -- Sulochana had been murdered right on his temple's doorstep in Los Angeles. And some of his temple goondas later on told PADA they were part of the team to go after Sulochana, and so the GBC were perhaps worried about their leaders being implicated in this murder. 

Two of the Ramesvara "enforcers" were later taken to court for being "at the scene" of the murder, but the FBI had given them immunity if they would testify against New Vrndavana, so they were never charged. One of the Los Angeles ex-enforcers later became a good friend of ours and he apologized for helping in the Sulochana murder. 

He said Ramesvara was orchestrating the whole program of "getting Sulochana," and that Ramesvara said "Sulochana needs to move on to another body." A devotee named Ramachandra das also became our friend later and he told us -- Ramesvara was preparing a SWAT team to "get rid of Sulochana." Ramachandra also told us Ramesvara's "enforcers" caused all kinds of terror to the local dissenters in Los Angeles. 

We were told the goonda squad would beat on people's doors at 2 am with bats to wake the residents up, even if they had babies it did not matter, these people were given a message to "get out of town." People's cars were also vandalized, tires slashed and so on. Bhakta Jim told us his brake lines had been cut and so on and so forth   

In any case, Ramesvara was not removed for helping the anti-Sulochana process, nor for "dating" his female student. He was removed for other technical details. Our friends saw Ramesvara leaving Los Angeles wearing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, driving away in his new station wagon filled to the brim with a bunch of aluminum suitcases -- full of who knows what.

Then he became a sham real estate agent in New York City. So this was amazing really, the GBC started a program of "removing the acharyas." The GBC / gurus still keep saying they only "follow the tradition," i.e. the acharyas sometimes start dating their young female disciples, start going to Star Wars movies, start buying mini-skirts at the Santa Monica mall for their "dates." And their goondas are implicated in assassinating dissenters. Really? This is the lila of the acharyas?]

2. Bhagavan’s resignation is accepted by GBC.

[PADA: Bhagavan's lifestyle was very opulent, like a king. He was living in five star hotels, riding in a big BMW car, while the rest of the devotees were freezing and taking cold showers. He was called "The Sun King" because he allegedly liked to go to the French Riviera and hang out on the beach. 

According to some reports, he also had a problem of "association with a woman." Bhagavan eventually cleaned out the safe and took all the temple money on his way out the door when he "blooped." The result was -- there was then a big emergency when his zone went bankrupt. Bhagavan then become part of the Gaudiya Matha / Narayana Maharaja group. 

NOTICE: Another GBC guru scam was being developed, the guru "resigns." The messiah from heaven cleaned out the safe and resigned. Basically, what Harikesha did.]

3. Bhavananda is removed as member of GBC.

[PADA: Resigned? Just after he had just been "reinstated" in 1986 despite many reports of homosexual liasons. This was actually a good sign. We dissenters had applied a lot of pressure on the fact that Bhavananda was still a guru despite so many reports of wrong doing, and our pressure was finally working, the GBC was forced to remove him. 

Unfortunately, they later on sneaked Bhavananda back in again to be a sort of de facto assistant manager in Mayapura at the behest of Jayapataka. Many people then began to ask -- why Jayapataka surrounds himself with various gays and molesters, and he has allowed them to be prominent in Mayapura. Jayapataka later on had a severe stroke, and some people said this is the result of his offense of keeping all these dubious people in Mayapura.]

4. Whereas Jagajivana Goswami has decided that he can better serve Srila Prabhupada’s movement in a different capacity and has tendered his resignation from GBC body, the GBC accepts his resignation and gives him their blessings for his future preaching career.

[PADA: Yep, some people just walked away from the train wreck hoping they would not be implicated in this criminal circus.]

5. Pancadravida is hereby expelled from ISKCON.

[PADA: Why? Because he decided to run off to the Sridhara Maharaja camp. First of all, the GBC gurus said in 1978 that Sridhara Maharaja is the shiksha guru of ISKCON, and anyone who fails to accept him as their shiksha guru -- has to leave ISKCON. Then, in 1982 the GBC's gurus did a complete circle, and they said Sridhara Maharaja is a deviant and anyone who accepts him has to leave ISKCON. This created the Sridhara Maharaja spin off groups such as Tripurari swami, Dheera Krishna swami, and Jayatirtha etc. Even Hansadutta had been "consulting with Sridhara Maharaja" up to 1985.  

As far as we know, Pancadravidha is still living at the Sridhara Maharaja temple in Santa Cruz California. The good news is that Pancadravida realized that the GBC guru process is bogus. The bad news is, he still thinks the people who supported the GBC gurus like Sridhara Mahraja, are bona fide.

NOTICE: The GBC declared Sridhara Maharaja to be "the purest devotee on the planet" in 1979, then in 1982 they said, ooops, nope he is a deviant. They spawned their own competition to ISKCON. WORSE! 
Even as of today, people like Banu swami are citing that ISKCON needs to do things "as the Gaudiya Samhiti has done." ok the GBC is still following the Gaudiya Matha and their "appointed guru" ideas.]

6. Sundararupa Swami’s request for leave of absence from GBC was rejected by the GBC body. He no longer has a GBC position.

7. Brahmananda is removed from the GBC.

[PADA: Brahmananda was originally a big supporter of the GBC gurus, but as he finally began to protest their behaviors, they decided to get rid of him. When Brahmananda saw us in Los Angeles he said, "the only reason they do not kill you is that the FBI will then shut their whole thing down." Brahmananda  / Gargamuni also sent me stories from time to time about -- for example -- their catching Gunagrahi swami watching porno movies, about Hrdayananda inviting young women in his personal house, and so on and so forth. He really knows what is going on but has not been able to come out and express that openly, but he is glad at least some of us did protest.]

8. a) Whereas Kirtanananda Swami, by his words and deeds has systematically obscured and minimized His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada’s pre-eminent position as the Founder-Acarya of ISKCON;

[PADA: That is what PADA said in 1978, that Kirtanananda is trying to eclipse the position of acharya. The GBC gurus finally started to catch up to what we were saying in 1987.]

b) Whereas Kirtanananda Swami in word and deed rejects the Governing Body Commission as the ultimate managing authority in ISKCON, and by so doing is dismantling Srila Prabhupada’s vision of unity;

[PADA: Except that Kirtanananda was correct, a GBC body does not "manage" the acharyas. KS said, since the GBC party has ALREADY recognized him as the acharya of ISKCON, therefore he does not require any guidance from a managerial body. That is actually correct siddhanta, the acharya is beyond the advice of a managerial body.]

c) Whereas Kirtanananda Swami is, in defiance of GBC policy and over the GBC’s protest, establishing in North America, India, and Malaysia, temples and institutions controlled by himself alone, thus creating a movement separate from ISKCON;

[PADA: Kirtanananda was already making temples under his own registered charities, not ISKCON, and Radhanath is doing the same thing, and so are many others. We have some people saying "PADA is against the golden body of ISKCON" and that is fine except, most of former ISKCON is now operating under the official names of other charities and institutions. ISKCON is being dismantled and pieced off into independent guru franchises. The golden body is being broken up into guru cults, which is also what happened to the Gaudiya Matha, various bogus gurus seized controls over properties.]

d) Whereas in word and deed, Kirtanananda Swami, while acting independently of ISKCON authority, systematically misrepresents ISKCON to the public, the media, and the government, and thereby brings ISKCON into jeopardy;

[PADA: Except that when we warned the GBC of these things all along, especially after the 1980 Syracuse fraud lawsuit against ISKCON, they said we were offensive to complain about Kirtanananda and his illegal enterprises. When Sulochana pointed to the many deviations of New Vrndavana he was censured and excommunicated in the 1986 GBC meeting. A few months later, the GBC suddenly agreed with Sulochana?]

e) Whereas, as indicated by GBC investigations, numerous, serious illegal acts have occurred within his jurisdiction;

[PADA: But they already knew that in 1980 when they lost the Syracuse Federal Fraud case, when the New Vrndavana drug mules were arrested, etc.?]

The ISKCON GBC hereby expels Kirtanananda Swami from ISKCON and thereby removes all his rights and responsibilities related to ISKCON. The ISKCON GBC further issues a notice of non-participation forbidding Kirtanananda Swami to participate in the functions of ISKCON.

[PADA: Except that now some of the GBC's biggest gurus (like Radhanath swami) have buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi in Vrndavana. So if one is minimizing the acharya, and is creating a criminal empire, one is worthy of being buried as a saint? 

Bhakta das has also expressed his support for Radhanath, and now the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahald / Pancali team are glorifying the Bhakta das program. OK this is the program of kissing the boots of the people who are burying dead criminals and deviants in the holy dham. On the one hand, the Bhakta das / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Pancali people sometimes agrees with us, and they say PADA is correct, we should protest the deviant guru program, we should only serve the pure devotees like Jesus. 

Then they turn around and say no, we should serve Satan instead, and work with Bhakta das to promote the molester / poisoner guru program, which buries the worst offenders in the holy dham. Which is why the Bible says, you cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve Jesus and Satan at the same time, that is not how it works. Of course this is the result of them listening to GBC propaganda, they think that our protest is wrong and we need to worship the palanquin carriers of Kirtananda. 

At the same time they know there is considerable substance to our complaints. They are confused due to hearing from the wrong sources, and now Bhakta das is promoting all kinds of New World Order / Jewish bankers propaganda and so on, which fits right into the Illuminati program of some of these folks. In any case, me and Sulochana went after these leaders, we did not care if they had the Illuminati or Satan himself behind them, we decided we were going to take them down. And in 1987, a lot of their empire collapsed because, we did take a huge chunk of their empire down, and helped forge an alliance to promote the right thing, worship of Srila Prabhupada, which is expanding now as we speak.]

9. The GBC approves the text of a letter to all ISKCON devotees regarding the resolution No. 8. above. After two days of Istagoshti held amongst all Srila Prabhupada disciples and chaired by Atreya Rsi, the GBC body met in the presence of all Godbrothers and passed the following resolutions.

[PADA: Atreya Rsi told me in 1986 that he can not try to remove Bhavanananda as a guru (despite reports of homsexual affairs) because Jayapataka has many vicious goonda disciples in Mayapura who will "beat you up with sticks."]

10. Resolved that all God brothers may participate in all discussions.

[PADA: Really? When were the God brothers consulted?]

11. Only GBC men may give proposals, amendments, and finally vote on these proposals.

12. Resolved that the GBC authorize a committee to execute the following mandate:

a) To interview the GBC men and others with relevant information, discuss, and then to express a simple majority vote of confidence or no confidence in the 17 existing GBC members; notes on all members will be accompanied by a voting count and a specific written list of points of rectification.

[PADA: This is another problem, the GBC are now messiah class gurus, and yet we need to have a vote to see if we have any confidence in them or not.]

b) To propose 10 additional candidates for GBC positions in whom the committee feels best exemplify the qualities of GBC members as per Prabhupada’s instructions, and in whom the committee has full confidence, to work under as GBC members.

[PADA: They were saying that they needed new members because they were losing so many members. and they have never recovered, the GBC program is getting smaller and they are not able to replace all the people who leave. "The rats are leaving the ship."]

c) To propose specific checks and balances to insure the integrity and purity of the GBC membership.

13. The committee of Godbrothers should, in the presence of all GBC and guests, evaluate GBC men in terms of their gunas and karma as given by Srila Prabhupada. Special attention to be given to: a) Sadhana, b) Character, c) Ability to enthuse preaching, d) Ability to give and take sadhu sangha, e) Vijnana or practical understanding as applicable to management.

[PADA: Rather amazing really, after issuing guru certificates to many "gurus," the GBC now wanted to "evaluate" people to see if they were even following the basic sadhana practices, whether they had any enthusiasm to preach. whether they were in the sangha of devotees, and so on.]

14. That each GBC member be evaluated based on qualities mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in his letters and qualities of Vaisnavas as included in Srila Prabhupada’s books and letters.

[PADA: Fine except, they had just had Sulochana assassinated for publishing the letters?]

15. That the committee first praise the good qualities of each Vaisnava before entering the discussion on weaknesses.

[PADA: The GBC has to praise the people who are deviating before censuring them? Is this like New Age "group hugs" or what?] 

16. That the committee propose fifteen or more names, amongst whom the GBC may elect ten (10) or more.

17. The members will be constituted of the committee elected by the five-man North American GBC committee. Other than those present (forty- two), additional will be added by the vote of the assembled body of Godbrothers. The additional eight (8) men elected to the committee are: a) Sri Ram prabhu, b) Harivilas prabhu, c) Vegavan prabhu, d) Vrikodara prabhu, e) Vishwambar Goswami, f) Somaka Goswami,
g) Ajamila prabhu, h) Abhay Charan Swami.

[PADA: Can anyone explain what a guru rectification committee does in the first place?]

18. That the committee convene immediately and meet for the next two days to make recommendations as to steps for rectification and improvements for each of the GBC members on a case by case basis.

19. Satsavarupa Maharaj's resignation is accepted effective at the end of the Mayapur meeting 1987.

[PADA: Satsvarupa resigned, but all of his whacky-job writings are still being sold all over ISKCON even today.] 

20. Atreya Rsi will be given an (up to) three-year leave of absence from GBC and Ministry of Finance positions, effective at the end of 1987 meetings when new GBC assignments are completed.

[PADA: Atreya bailed out, he told me these people are dangerous and he cannot be connected to them anymore.]  

21. That all new GBC members admitted during the 1987 General Meeting shall be acting GBC members with full voting rights for one year. Each new GBC member thus admitted shall be subject to reconsideration by two- thirds vote at the 1988 General Meeting. If the requisite two-thirds favorable vote is received he shall be shall be re-appointed for a further one-year term as acting GBC member with full voting rights and shall be eligible for admission as a full GBC member at the 1989 General Meeting.

[PADA: Gurus vote for proposals, really, I thought the guru already knew the truth and he did not have to place that up for a vote.]

22. That Guru Gauranga dasa is approved as an acting GBC member with full voting rights and shall be eligible for confirmation as a full GBC member at the 1988 General Meeting.

23. That the present GBC body immediately select five (5) new members.

24. Harivilas to travel to Africa to investigate the situation in that continent and report to all GBC in that regard. Harivilas is to attempt to recruit Giriraj Swami to go with him on this trip.

25. The temple President’s resolution to have Harivilas Prabhu off the GBC is overruled. Harivilas Prabhu is appointed Secretary.

26. Any qualified and needed GBC men be appointed this year.

27. The following new GBC men were elected: a) Ravindra Swarup Das, b) Ganapati Swami, c) Agrani Swami, d) Niranjana Swami, e) Harivilas Das.

28. The following new GBC men were elected: a) Kavicandra Maharaj, b) Yasomatinandana prabhu, c) Guru Prasad Maharaja, d) Bhaktibhusana Maharaj, e) Danavir prabhu, f) Sivaram Maharaj, g) Bhakti Caru Maharaj

29. The following new GBC men were elected: a) GourGovinda Maharaj, b) Vrkodar Prabhu, c) Prithu Prabhu

[PADA: In 1988 Gaura govinda maharaja wrote a paper for the GBC about "what to do when you find out your guru is a demon." It does not explain why GGM supported the same group that is making demons into gurus?] 

30. That with Bhaktitirtha Maharaja’s approval, the GBC will request Visvambhar Maharaj to preach in French-speaking Africa for the coming year.

[PADA: Bhaktitirtha was lecturing about "The Lost continent of Mu," and many other cracker pot things. But he was a Kirtanananda loyalist, so they kept him on.]

31. That the GBC rule stating that a sannyasi would hold his danda for ten years is superseded by a quote from CC. Madhya-lila, Ch.5 142-143: “However, when one is elevated to the status of hamsa or paramahamsa, after touring and preaching the bhakti cult, he must give up the sannyasa staff.”

32. Resolved that “when a person becomes a member of ISKCON or assumes an office within ISKCON, he does so upon the condition of submission to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of ISKCON; and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of a civil court but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial
process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and/or his membership in ISKCON terminated,” be referred to the Minister of Legal Affairs. (Provisional Order)

[PADA: Right, once you find out you are swimming with crooks, you cannot go to court.]

33. All resolutions be categorized as a rule of order law, or provisional order at the time of passing. (Rule of Order)

34. That as per Ambarisa Prabhu’s request, the GBC body gives its unanimous blessings to him to give at least 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the Manhattan property for the establishment of a cultural center in Manhattan, under the direction of the local ISKCON authorities and thereafter that he concentrate his energy on establishing the large cultural project envisioned by Srila Prabhupada for
Washington D.C. (P/O)

35. That every GBC man give $100 to cover the annual GBC executive budget of $3,000. (P/O)

36. That a “GBC Resolutions Revision Committee,” consisting of Gurugauranga Prabhu, Kavichandra Swami, Danavir Prabhu, Rabindra Swarupa Prabhu, and Jayapataka Maharaja be formed to propose a revision of the GBC Resolutions (to be adopted by a mail vote before the 1988 General Meeting). (P/O)

[PADA: Wait a minute, the GBC makes "resolutions" from the statements of their pure devotee gurus, then they have to go back and revise these statements?]

37. That the amount of time a GBC member arrives late to meetings be calculated and that he be penalized in equal loss of voting rights in increments of three-hour sessions in the following year’s annual meeting. (Vote: 12 in favor, 6 against, 3 abstentions). The executive officers will be penalized twice as much as non-executive members. (R/O)

[PADA: Amazing really, 21 voters in total. That means 21 people were running ISKCON into the ground.]

38. That the GBC recommend that Srila Prabhupada be glorified in kirtan only by the words, “Jaya Prabhupada” and not “Jaya Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupada” or “Jaya Gurudeva.” (Law of ISKCON)

[PADA: OK, but they were being worshiped as Jagat gurus themselves, and many of them still are? ys pd]

One of their biggest Jagat Gurus -- Jayapataka swami 


  1. Seems quite a miracle but JPS is again right in mind and his brain works like before that stroke. He might consider that this was kind of punishment and is more considerate and humble in his dealings. What's kind of strange is that he never admits that Prabhupada did not appoint diksha gurus. TKG and Hansadutta admitted, so many fell down or are dead already. So what the heck why JPS still insists that Prabhupada appointed diksha-gurus?

    1. They HAVE to keep the farce going in order to cheat new devotees into giving them their wealth. They don't know any other way of doing it. They can't be honest and admit they are in maya. Who would give them a dime? So they don't apologize for screwing over the new devotees, not even new anymore but just post 1977. They don't admit screwing over the post 1977 devotees. They don't want the post 1977 devotees to know they ever did anything wrong.

      They exploited the pre 77's of all their wealth then kicked them out. They exploited the post 77's as they joined, then they all left. And they still hang on to their positions by allowing fools and rascals to pose as gurus to give more credence to themselves, hiding and keeping the truth from the new devotees.

      The followers of such gurus also want material things for themselves. Easy positions, comfortable living. Sexy wives, bramacarinis, affairs with women, beating up their enemies, name and fame and everything that goes with it, I thank you all. We are the Champions, of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The godbrothers supposedly had their say in 1987, but what about the grand disciples? When will the grand disciples, who have been donating and supporting the movement since 1977, have their say? It seems like NEVER, because as long as there is one single solitary "Prabhupada disciple" left on the planet that devotee will try to live off his reputation as being better than everybody else and cash in on it. This is my opinion based on my life as a devotee.

  3. Srila Prabhupada started a mood of transcendental competition. Such moods exist in the spiritual world in order to please Krishna. But before Prabhupada left the planet devotees who were in charge of other devotees kept those devotees from speaking with Prabhupada.

    After he left the devotees in charge felt they had earned the right to control their zones, the devotees lives, even though they were their own godbrothers and godsisters, and also the lives of the devotees who were joining. Some of them read HItler books or watched The Godfather to learn how to control their zones as absolute authorities. They kicked out anyone who did not agree with their rule.

    They enjoyed women and wealth, just like Hiranyakasipu. They skipped their rounds and pretended to be on the phone during japa with other gurus engaged in important business. Then they would give "fantastic" classes that they would share with each other whenever one of them came up with a new idea.

    To this day the GBC still want to re-instate some of these men. The only reason can be because these men were so artificially powerful they want to have them back in those positions to help control the society the way it used to be, led by an iron fist with iron rule and no space allowed for dissenters.

  4. great input and yes after leaving fiskcon 14 yrs ago and being there for 9yrs, mostly as a sankirtan devotee and then secretary of two (still active so-called gurus) sannyasis and travelling with them to so many 'zones', dhamas etc I have to admit that enough is enough. with all what available on the internet at this point of time the time will come that justice will be served....i'm preparing papers and massive counterattack towards media for example in Poland where Indradyumna is preaching and enjoying semi naked girls and sexy will be a bomb! and a huge one as well!!!! it took years of research and lots of sleepless the time has come. we have to do it for Sulochana and others who put their health, youth and life in the process of finding out the truth...for I say the TRUTH is out there! .....we owe to them and to is the key. in order to catch a thief one must think like a HariHara svaha. om tat sat


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