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Why Some Say PADA Caused Tamal's Untimely Departure?

[PADA: Tamal said we should not tarnish the image of ISKCON. And so the first thing he did in 1978 was, he made his pals with a known tendency to deviate -- into acharyas. And then he said, anyone who does not want to worship his deviated pals as "God's successors," they have to leave ISKCON. And so, just about everyone has left ISKCON, its now its a ghost town. Who is mainly to blame? Tamal, whom else? Tamal used to lecture that his two favorite people in the world are Bhavananda (a homosexual), and Narayanan Maharaja (cheer leader of Tamal's illicit sex guru program). 

Tamal would not leave the USA for years on end. We were told he did not want to go to India specifically, because he was having a "premonition" that something bad could happen to him there. When we heard about Tamal's paranoia, some of our friends said "Kamsa also had a premonition he was going to die."

Then, after the Windle Turley lawsuit case was filed, some other GBC members convinced Tamal he had to go to India to discuss this problem. And so in March of 2002, Tamal went to meet with them and discuss the lawsuit. As Tamal was leaving their meeting, he was killed in a car crash on March 15th 2002. Tamal was partially decapitated when he flew through the front window of a taxi, when a huge truck pulled out in front of his taxi. 

How did you guess, a few people immediately began to ask us if someone from the GBC side had paid the truck driver to cut in front of Tamal -- so they could "get rid of Tamal," just as some of the followers of Gaura Govinda maharaja asked us if we thought he had been poisoned by some other GBC gurus. Hmmm, sounds like the MAFIA brotherhood going on here, rather than pure devotees? 

And so, right away a few ISKCON people blamed us for Tamal's death, saying that since we had started making the whole child molestation issue prominent, that Tamal would still be alive if we had not done so, because he never would have gone to India otherwise. In sum, we were being blamed for Tamal's untimely death.  

What is strange is that even some of the people inside ISKCON confided to us, they thought Tamal's departure was a good thing, because he was "over controlling" the movement and he was making it very difficult to manage ISKCON. Tamal would "get very upset" if anything, even the most insignificant item, was done without his being consulted. Tamal was the ultimate micro-manager. So Tamal's departure sort of relieved some people, even some of those inside the institution, from his overbearing and burdensome presence, and his relentless idea that we all needed to go to the Gaudiya Matha / Narayana Maharaja for "rasika advice" and etc. 

Srila Prabhupada had made the same complaint, that Tamal is always "trying to control everything."

The only people who have been crying like lost little babies since 2002 over Tamal's departure are his top disciples and / or supporters like Sanat (Angelica NY) -- Prahlad  / Paul (UK) -- Mukunda (UK) -- Janardan (USA) -- Bhakta das (Thailand), and a few others, who have been crying like little babies that we apparently helped get their worshiped hero and messiah killed by drawing him into going to India.    

While almost all other devotees have subsequently been relieved to see Tamal go, and a number of folks even thanked us profusely for drawing Tamal from his lair, these Tamal groupies are attacking us almost daily saying -- repeatedly -- we should not have been part of upsetting their worshipful hero to make him go to India, which resulted in his no longer being here.  

These Tamal groupies argue, almost daily, that we should not have created any problems which disturbed their wonderful master Tamal into going to India at all, because this is all "bad publicity." In short, these folks still want to see Tamal being in charge of ISKCON, even up to the present day. And they still want to suppress us and have people like Tamal in charge of the ISKCON institution, never mind the track record of these leaders is -- that many children get molested and so many other inauspicious events always happen.    

What has happened since 2002 is basically (A) Many folks felt relived and happy to see Tamal go, due to all the problems he was generating for others, whereas, (B) The Prahlad groupies are having a nervous breakdown seeing that their master Tamal has departed, and that is why they resent that we apparently helped them lose their dear most leader and messiah. Why else would they be so upset and crying every single day since 2002, that Tamal was dragged out of his lair and -- and after that he departed?     

Meanwhile, a number of the ex-children and other victims of Tamal's tyranny have been saying they are thankful that Tamal is no longer among the living. Only the Prahlad / Tamal lover's club is begrudging that their hero is no longer here? In other words, there are still people around who did not want us to upset the molester messiah program's status quo.  

The Prahlad group keeps saying now, over and over -- our role in stemming the molesting, and in creating the situation of getting rid of Tamal "caused bad publicity" and thus -- should not have been done. They not only wanted to save the molester infrastructure, so they could victimize more children, they wanted to save the founder father of that program. That means, these folks still -- even today -- wanted to keep Tamal's molesting program going, and no only that, they are upset Tamal is no longer in charge of ISKCON, so that more mayhem could be created by Tamal. 

They openly admit that to us, they did not want this "bad publicity" and subsequent removal of Tamal and his program, they wanted the status quo of Tamal's messiah-ship to stand, and thus the molesting would have continued. So they have been crying buckets of tears ever since, that our forcing Tamal to go to India, and then he went flying through the front window of a car, has totally upset Prahlad's Tamal lovers club. Why are they so much in love with Tamal, when even most of the ISKCON people no longer even care that he is gone? The only people who are crying buckets of tears that Tamal and his child molesting infrastructure are gone, are, the Prahlad team. 

Most rational devotees recognize that Tamal was the main engineer of the post-1977 guru havoc program that banned, beat, molested and killed devotees, and caused Srila Prabhupada to complain he was being poisoned. In other words, most devotees agree with us that Tamal was not helping ISKCON. Whereas Prahlad and his team keep crying like little babies over Tamal's untimely departure, which they blame on us by their mentioning the "bad publicity" -- which caused Tamal's program to be hampered. Foolish people also cried when Kamsa was gone.  

When we asked some of these Prahlad team member's why they objected to the lawsuit's helping stop ex-children victim's suicides, they said these suicides are not that big a problem because "there are not too many suicides going on." So, if these people are running a factory that is making microwave ovens, and "not too many customers are getting killed when their defective microwaves blow up," ... they'd actually think that -- its no big problem since "not too many" of their victims are dying, so -- that's fine! 

Of course, then they would be arrested for criminal negligence because even in the ordinary karmi world, no one thinks "not too many dead bodies" is an acceptable standard, because even one dead body is not acceptable. Of course for the worshipers of Tamal, -- some victims -- or "not too many" victims (and dead bodies) is acceptable. Which proves: Even the karmis have a much higher standard of compassion and concern for others than these Tamal worshipers.

For example, if even one karmi child is abducted and is in trouble, from even the poorest and most insignificant family, what happens in the ordinary karmi world is, the karmi society will spend millions of dollars flying police helicopters all over the place looking for that one child, and they would be having constant Amber alerts going off all day long because, for the karmis, even one child victim is WAY too many. 

Whereas in the Tamal / Prahlad group, "not too many dead kids" is fine with them? And they told us that! What do you expect from Tamal's disciples like Prahlad and co.? "Not too many" dead kids, thats fine with them! They said in fact we are not authorized to save ANY kids at all, because we have to allow "not too many" dead kids. That is what Tamal would have wanted as well? They are exactly -- like him!   

In short, they think exactly the same way Tamal does, he always used to say the same things, "Not too many are being victimized, so who cares"? No wonder they miss him, they think like Tamal, talk like Tamal, act like Tamal etc. Even karmis know that one dead child is WAY too many, whereas in the Prahlad / Tamal lovers club, their group has been saying all along, exactly what Tamal says, whats the problem, we are only causing "not too many" dead children? Yes, we want "not too many dead children," that means even the lowest karmis are more advanced than these Tamal groupie people because the karmis do not want EVEN ONE dead child, that is WAY too many for them.   

Then again Prahlad said we were wrong to say they wanted these children to die, and yet he then posted a letter from the Sanat / Mukunda team saying, the (children) victims need to be placed on upraised swords. In other words, these folks confirmed in writing that they DO want children to die. That makes them perfect disicples of Kamsa and Tamal (which is why they are now defending Tamal). Whereas karmis do not want children to die, or to be placed on upraised swords and so on. So yes, this proves this group are still followers of the worst of the GBC's gurus, such as Tamal, because they have the same policy that the bogus GBC does, "not too many victims is acceptable."  

Many people have thus asked us, "What kind of people discuss upraised swords -- and children -- in the same instance"? And we have to answer that there are some very powerful anti-children influences going on around the bogus ISKCON, headed up unfortunately by some of these deviated "gurus." This influence has to be fully uprooted if ISKCON is to survive. 

Anyway! Now we are finally getting to the bottom of this group, since they are also now ALSO openly promoting Bhakta das, who is telling everyone in the universe we all need to worship Tamal's twin brother Radhanath swami. Yep, Radhanatha is the new messiah that the Prahlad group is now openly promoting via their supporting Bhakta das. Wasn't Radhanth the biggest supporter of Kirtanananda? Wasn't Kirtanananda giving maha plates to his German shepherd dogs to lick off of?  

German Shepherd-pada

So this is good, we are getting to the root issue of our critics. The Prahlad group loved Tamal all along, that is why they behave like he does and they promote the identical anti-children policies he did, and since they miss him so badly, they are trying to now get us to worship Tamal's successor -- Radhanatha swami. They just do not get it, Tamal's worship will never be revived. Radhanath's worship will never be revived. Its over! 

These people need to get up to speed, we are not EVER going back to their policy that "not too many dead children is acceptable" which is how ISKCON fell into the entire mess its now in. Nor should we be saying Krishna approves of the Tamal / Prahlad team's "not too many dead children is acceptable" ideology. That policy is being rejected wholesale by everyone, ok, except these few remaining Tamal lover fanatics. ys pd

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  1. Prabhupada said the GBC members should meet at Mayapur every year. I guess Tamal felt Prabhupada was wrong in his case. Let us not forget the famous last words of the great STALWART devotee Tamal when he crashed. According to witnesses, his last words weren't Hare Krishna, but two other words that sound like OH CIT! As in sac cit ananda. Only it wasn't cit that he recited, but SH*T! Yes, his last words recited at the time of death were completely material. He left a meeting where ISKCON lost ten years worth of laxmi to pay up for the gurukulis being knowingly abused and having the offenses covered over, and then he wanted to be late for his trip to the airport, showing up like he was special like he always did, instead of showing up on time like everybody else. That is why the taxi was speeding that day. Tamal didn't give a crap about anyone else but himself.

  2. THANK YOU for helping KILL THIS DEMON!

  3. I was initiated by Tamal Krisha, but always felt it was Srila Prabhupada that I was taking shelter of. Admittedly, I am a rakshasa myself. Of late, I have been reading Srila Prabupada's books again and have been chanting again. I am confused and sickened by everything that I have been reading about ISKCON, Tamal, ritviks, et al. I believe in and love Srila Prabhupada, and Krsna, but how is one as confused as myself to advance with so much madness going on?


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