Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ex-ISKCON Radha Kunda Baba Follower Speaks Up

*** Indradyumna Swami is already in touch with 6 ex-disciples of Mahanidhi swami, he is trying to re-initiate them. These "gurus" are really very, very, very fast -- vultures ..hah hah.

To: PADA (

Dear PADA,

Fallen? Who is not fallen prabhus? Mahanidhi prabhuji was never up anywhere to fall down anywhere. He is lusty dog like other ISKCON gurus. Prabhupadaji is the only diksha guru for ISKCON society.

These babajis from Radakunda are sahajiha sect and have a bogus problem with ISKCON acharya paramapara from Bhaktivinoda Thakurji to Prabhupadaji. Prabhupadajis gurudev Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswat Maharaj he spoke out about these babajis from Radakund telling that they are bogus and they do not have entry to Radakunda but live in naraka kund meaning hell. 

So these babajis are very offended by this and they speak bad things about Prabhupadaji, telling he is bogus and he gives only rules and regulations and no Kṛishna katha. So they are giving siddha pranali to anyone who gives money or take initiation from them even videsi devotee. So because they talk Kṛishan katha they think they are above Prabhupadaji. Prabhupadaji give everything in his books everything but they don’t read books they tell only stories.

This dreaming of Krishnan leela in ok but first you be qualified, not big big cheaters can be qualified to dream of siddha pranal with God and Radha. They never tell ISKCON walla that they against ISKCON and Prabhupadaji and guru paramapara so they fool the poor ISKCON wallas to go and listen to stories and think -- o I am big devotee now I listen to Krishnan katha in Radakund from big babaji.

Many ISKCON devotees are now going to these babajis despite Srila Prabhupadaji speaking very strongly against going. But because his big disciples who now are claiming to be nitya siddha uttama devotee go and take another initiation from them then these lower devotees also are going like buffalo cross over the road, following other buffalo, and they will one day get hit by truck because they do not know the danger in doing like this -- thinking they can jump over head of guru and make Kṛishna happy. This only a big offence to God and he will smash these rascals.

No one must listen to these traitor devotees they are offender devotees thinking that we who have been cheated by big ISKCON gurudev traitor gurus who think they jump over head of Prabhupadaji but only jump into naraka hell kund.

This Mahanidhi das is big cheater and so many have given up life to seva him and he laughs hard at us for being fool number one. But he is no alone, so many of these videsi guru and desi guru of ISKCON traitor to Prabhupadaji and take re initiation from these babajis. One Ramesh baba from Barsana is there and I have seen many big ISKCON guru go to him and pay dandavat and take siksha from him.

I read here on this page many traitor disciple of these babaji who with ISKCON before now say oh you speak bad about this Mahabidhi and you aparadhi big aparadhi. But they the aparadhi! These fools must know now shame for so much shame shame for them that their gurudev is with woman now. Oh Kṛishna they must be kissing, why else is he with a woman when he is an old man too?

All these ISKCON gurudevas are bogus only Prabhupadaji bonafide diksha guru for ISKCON. I say kick out these bogus gurudev of ISKCON kick them hard out of ISKCON!

Anonymous devotee ex Radakund bhakt who now sees the truth.


  1. Ok, this shows that the Prabhupanugas went to speedily, nobody of ISKCON / GM could follow.
    Seemingly these folks only wake up and start to "speak up" when their guru is caught right in the act.
    Plz notice, 42 ISKCON gurus fell down already. Still these folks never consider that all this happened because Prabhupada did not appoint anyone to be next acarya / diksha guru.
    All this preaching falls on deaf ears, only when gurus fall down and admit it people wake up. Do they realy wake up? Well some obviously take re-initiation and start all over.

  2. The guru has some live disciples there. So he swooped down to catch them for Krishna's service. Better to bring them back to ISKCON than to leave them to the Radha Kunda Babajis. I trust he knows how to tell which ones are serious?


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