Friday, August 16, 2013

We Must Follow One Acharya -- Like the Christians

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  1. To knowingly and falsely present the gurus words out of context and in abbreviated form thereby changing the meaning is as sinful as the bogus gurus who do the same thing to "prove" they are bona-fide by misquoting Prabhupada themselves.

    You know Prabhupada did not say to become like the Christians. You are as much a hypocrite and a liar as the gurus you oppose, and will take just as much karma for misleading the new innocents who take shelter of Prabhupada's movement, but wind up joining you instead. How far can you lead them back to Godhead? Don't say you are leading them to Prabhupada because you are not. Prabhupada did not start this bogus back to Prabhupada philosophy, ritviks did.


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