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Comments and responses 08/09/2013


Dear PADA, did you see this?

Actions of an Innocent Sannyasi? BY: AJATA SUKRITI DAS

Mahanidhi -- Retreated to his private compound. Entry is guarded by a chowkidar - entry barred to all but the few elites. Changed his mobile phone number - no way to contact him anymore. Financial records unavailable; never has been transparent. Seems to be in hiding.

No official denials of the admissions in the EC letter of resignation. No explanation of his Babaji initiation - which is against Srila Prabhupada's instructions, no explanation of anything at all. Pattern of protestation of innocence similar to other ISKCON fallen sanyassis - Umapati, Prabhavisnu, et al.

Departed from ISKCON with all his private real estate intact (received donations partly based on his good standing in ISKCON) . Disciples left confused, bewildered, fleeced, and in the dark. No offer of refunds.
Note that laksmi was made from the sale of his books, but those books and his lifestyle were financed by supporters. Those books are not "his" in the sense that he produced them out of nothing.

[PADA: Correct, a lot of these swamis have their own independent charities that are in their own names, and are not part of ISKCON. Then, when they leave, .... when they leave what? They have already left, they are not part of ISKCON already. They are using ISKCON as a front to muster up funds and money making scams for their own charities and institutions. Or what? ys pd]


Dear PADA: I originally took initiation from Jayatirta. Then he fell and I moved to California and took re-initiation from Ramesvar, then he fell as well. So I moved to New Vrindavan and took re-initiation from Bhaktipada. After his fall, I took re-initiation from Satsvarupa. I eventually lost faith in him and gave up on iskcon and was going to accept narayan maharaja, but he passed away before I could ever arrange for that.

Then one of the NM successors had a fall down. So I turned to the Sree Saraswata Chaitanya math ... but then I heard rumors that their "acarya" was accused of improprieties. So then, I was in Vrindaban last year and met Mahanidhi swami and thought -- I have finally found my real guru, because he had a much softer, humbler, sweeter disposition than most of the arrogant authoritarian gurus I had met in iskcon.

Now this news of his fall is just arriving. So I guess I'm not going to take diksha from him now either. What am I to do now? I give up. I'm starting to think maybe those crazy ritviks are not so crazy after all, as hard as all this may seem to believe.

[PADA: Correct, people are gradually starting to figure out that our idea, simply to worship Srila Prabhupada, is the better idea. Its hard for us to even fathom how much hardship and suffering you must have had -- following one falling down person after the next. It seems you are getting on the right track now. ys pd]

Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja by Puranjana dasa 2013


PADA, you are going to be an old lady in your next life.

[PADA: Your gossiping about us old ladies all day long makes you worse than us old ladies. ys pd]


Well what to expect from the gbc demons who just smears Srila Prabhupada with stool in all and every ways.

Mahanidhi Defenders Come Forward (letter from Pancagauda das)


Dear anonymous bonehead - how many skeletons are in your closet? anonymous Jr. on

Message from the GBC Executive Committee Re: Mahanidhi swami's Fall Down

[PADA: Right, there is still a mood of fear and repression which is why so many people want to be anonymous.]


Giridhari Prabhu was observing Mahanidhi Maharaj rather than doing his own Bhajan and the devotees who are posting their comments please be careful with their own spiritual life.

Mahanidhi Swami fall down report (8/1/13)

Raghunandan das


Yeah Pada, Srila Prabhupada told us to cooperate but you say it is sad to be "going along to get along." What do you think cooperation means? "You MUST cooperate among yourselves to spread this Krishna Consciousness movement after I am gone" Srila Prabhupada

Lack of discrimination is causing most ISKCON problems

[PADA: We have already been cooperating with hundreds of other devotees, some of whom have been with us since the 1980s. The real question is, who are you cooperating with? We cannot cooperate with an anonymous un-named program that apparently, does not even exist? ys pd]


What about their bank accounts and villas and sportive cars? falling down with a women is only a consequence.


Hare Krsna, Thanks for your article. Do you mind answering the following questions for me please: 1.) As an aspiring devotee, how do I approach a guru considering the probability that he may be bogus? 2.) How does this affect my process in finding a guru for initiation? Thank you. Haribol.

Question about ISKCON GBC "guru's" policy of "Covering Up Scandals"

[PADA: Our advice is to simply worship Srila Prabhupada, and not to "look for another guru." Thats our program. ys pd]


Today ISKCON Mayapur parikrama goes on as if nothing has happened. At the beginning we see new disciples on parikrama but keeping quite long hair. Are these realy bhaktas or are these poor bengalis who want to improve materially?  


Amar Puri says: Oh really;  "So Mahanidhi Maharaja is laying low, and he just wants to chant and recover from all this." ” Does this mean that Maharaja is ready to renounce his false status of guru in the Iskcon of Srila Prabhupada?????? That is the only way I see for this conditioned Jiva (your maharaja) to recover from the material afflictions which has been inflicted upon him due to his own dirty desires. Hope you pass this message to your maharaja in order to stop it. Hari BOL. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: Right, this is what people have been asking, Mahanidhi swami is "recovering" from -- what? If he had no fall down, what is he "recovering" from, a bite by a sand fly? ys pd]


PADA: Thanks but the mid day meal problem of finding a dead lizard in the food was, from what I understand, the Radhanath food program. This looks in any case like sabotage. Other mid-day meals programs have been sabotaged by tossing in poisonous items, such as some rotten and dead things, in other areas of India. 

And thus, from what I heard at least, they are now placing monitoring cameras in these kitchens. I have no idea why you think all of this is "my program"? Do you think the Sun moving around the universe is also "my program"? How come I am being blamed for what everyone else in the universe does?   

I am not in control of anyone's program, nor do I ever want to be, sorry, that's the way it is! Despite I am not a fan of the Radhanath and / or GBC's ISKCON programs, I cannot blame these folks for intentional sabotage. There are some mean characters everywhere. Here in the USA some people were arrested for putting a dead mouse into a batch of soup, these things happen. I am not in control of any of these things, and if you think I am, you have been watching too many of those late night fright movies. Sorry! ys pd  


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  1. I was driving a van headed to a home program somwhere in Boston, Massachusets and next to me was who would later became, HH Romapada Swami. Also, right next to me, there was who will later became HH Agrani maharaja. On that ocassion they were both talking about who woud take sanyasa first. Romapada said: "I'm going to wait for a little while". Agrani Prabhu said: "I think I am ready. I will accept it". Agrani das Bramacari, later on became Agrani das Goswami. And, about a month later Romapada Prabhu "entered the renounced order of life". Now, were they realy ready for it? If you ask me, whom served these men at a very close range, I would, adamantly say, no. Truth must be told. However, I offer my humble obeisances to, even an ant who might've walked over Srla Prabhupada's lotus feet. All glories to my dearest guru-maharaja, HDG Srla Prabhupada! All glories to Sri-Sri Nimai-Nitai! Hare Krsna!


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