Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PADA vs Raja Gopal (8/21/13)

Raja Gopal: @Puranjana das: I can tell you (who is my guru) but I won’t tell you because of your offensive, insulting nature, I already wrote twice, can’t you read? Srila Prabhupada is my grand guru, that I also mentioned already. Further, you fail to understand that the GBC is a an impersonal body because of its very nature. It is only a managerial commission, nothing more, nothing less.

[PADA: The GBC is the same party that claims they are -- authorizing gurus -- by their "2/3's show of hands vote." And they have simultaneously created an elaborate "guru management and control system," i.e. after they "vote in" all kinds of gurus by their speculative "showing of hands vote" process, then they: "oversee, manage, monitor, censure, chastise, suspend, remove, revoke, and excommunicate gurus" in what they say is -- Krishna's parampara. Isn't Krishna the overseer of His parampara?

Now Raja is saying the persons who are overseers of the gurus in our parampara are not merely bogus and speculative voters but "an impersonal body" and "managers, and nothing more." So now Raja is saying that "impersonal managers and nothing more" are in control of the parampara, and not Krishna?

Krishna says acharyam mam vijnaiyam, the acharyas are under My control and are indeed -- as good as My Self. And Raja says no, Krishna is wrong, because the acharyas are under the control of Raja's "impersonal managers" -- who create these gurus -- by votes? Krishna says He dictates to the acharyas, and Raja says no, the impersonal managers create and then dictate to the acharyas?]

RAJA: First come to understand Lord Brahma, the second one our disciplic succession. He is just an illusory person, that’s a fact. People with a popstar worship mentality don’t even understand that. Ritviks lack buddhi. Again and again you give evidence of this.

[PADA: Lord Brahma is an illusory person? No, he is a real person who is the head of our parampara. Lord Brahma is a factual being, as are all the other demigods. Where does Srila Prabhupada say the demigods are not real persons? Where does Srila Prabhupada say Lord Brahma's existence is not real, but an illusion? Sorry, the demigods are temporary, but they factually exist. And if Lord Brahma is an illusion, then you are also certainly a similar illusion. Why should we listen to you -- if you are an illusion?]

RAJA: Just remain very attached to the stories of Lord Krsna and Lord Caitanya, they are very purifying for people of less intelligence. When I mention that within the body of Iskcon and the GBC body of course there are all kinds of problems, deficiencies there is no reaction to that apart from cynicism. You again and again give evidence you don’t have buddhi and therfeore also no vaisnava mentality and behaviour. Ritviks are like fanatical fake Christians and crazy Salafists. Their main characteristic: blind impersonalism.

[PADA: OK but you are the one who just said the impersonalists are the GBC body, and thus the gurus they create are also impersonal since they are created by an impersonal body? We are saying that Lord Brahma and his teachings are real, and you just said, he too is an illusion?]

RAJA: Srila Prabhupada denouces religious moralists like you very much in CC, together with worldy sex mongers. btw Who gives ritviks their “spiritual” name? Just curious, since Srila Prabhupada is in Goloka Vrndavana.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada denounces the worldly sex mongers, that means, you are talking about your own guru parampara, since many of them are falling into illicit sex and illusion? If the party that creates debauchee gurus is denounced by Srila Prabhupada, why are you supporting that party? ys pd]

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