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"Previously Unidentified Gurus Species" by Dasanudas

Srila Prabhupada Letters on Guruship


For all of us who have been waiting in the stands for so long, expecting that call to arms from the ultimate spiritual authority, the good ship GBC to ordain us as fully fledged diksa-gurus with all the trappings, it definitely seems like we have been missing the point. We are already diksa-gurus. Didn't Sriman Mahaprabhu preach that on His order we all become 'as good as God' diksa-gurus and initiate the masses? Didn't His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada also order that every one of his disciples, man woman and child (and even those in a non-designated species), go out and give diksa initiation to everyone we meet?

It's obviously our 'birthright'!!! Just like if dad is a Brahmin, aren't I also qualified???If I have a father, why can't I also have a son! Makes sense doesn't it! So why have the GBC been so miserly and discriminative in allowing this birthright to only a very select hundred or so who have been ordained with that 'no-objection' rubber stamp? Let's open the floodgates...come forth and claim your rightful position.

This will solve all the problems ISKCON has faced in the past, present and future, including infighting over disciples and zones. Can't you just see it...hoardes of bona fide diksa-gurus flooding the planet with a tsunami of love of God! Those vikarmis will never know what hit them. Here in the 'land downunder', those pesky kangaroos often reach plague proportions, however the hoardes of ISKCON gurus will be just the opposite, welcomed by every householder to initiate them while they milk their cow (or kangaroo).

You may rightfully ask, is there any qualification or regulation involved in this sublime position? Not really, you just have to have the desire to want to do it... and even if for some reason the responsibility no longer appeals to you, there are so many 'fall-back' positions, so your career move will not go in vain.

Mostly all have excellent ongoing benefits, and of course you can keep what you have stashed away while in office. Just to name a few, we have available Retired-guru, Comeback-guru, Porno-guru, Mayavada hugging-guru, Babaji loving-guru, Homosex-guru, Marry your disciple-guru, Marry your disciple's wife-guru, Millionaire-guru (I got an inheritance), Hollywood-guru, Pedophile-guru, LSD-guru (off ya head), Same-sex marriage-guru, and of course, let's not forget Brahmacarini harem-guru. As you can see the list goes on and on, so there really is a place for us all to be looked after in our retirement.

Only blip on the radar I can see is that if we are all diksa-gurus, where the heck is the daksine coming from, as there won't be any disciples...? I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. Oh well, back to study the Sastra again! Maybe there is a better way.

Your most humble servant,
Downunder dasanudas

[PADA: Some people keep saying PADA is not having any effect, yet notice that this person uses our "bogus guru species" terms such as: porno guru, retired guru, homosex guru, pedophile guru, in sum, all the terms we used starting in the early 1980s. Sorry, our idea, -- and our "guru species catch phrases and terms," are being used more and more, and all over the place. 

At the same time notice what this letter is also saying, the GBC often says "everyone can be a guru," but in case we have not noticed, the GBC first of all kicked out thousands of people first of all, because apparently, only a few of their elite faction can be gurus, not "everyone." 

This is another example of the hypocrisy of their position. In any event, we need to see if people are qualified before rubber stamping bunches and bunches of them as gurus, that is the general consensus that everyone seems to be gradually agreeing to, both in and out of ISKCON. And we'd like to thank this writer for identifying a previously unknown species, the Brahmacharini harem guru. Thanks, we will ad that one to our list of bogus species! ys pd]  


  1. *** Prabhupada says A person cannot be known as a muni unless he comes up with his own idea.

    [PADA: OK but, we did not come up with these guru species? The GBC did. We simply identified some of them.]

    *** Some new spin or something previously unknown. So great, pada, you have come up with some terms for bogus gurus.

    [PADA: Srila Prabhupada also calls bogus guru species all kinds of names such as: self-appointed gurus, mundane vote gurus, envious of guru -- gurus, kill guru and become guru, destined for hell gurus, cock roach acharyas, bugs biting the king gurus, homosex gurus, sex and sex gurus, bugs who think they are Garuda bird, etc. ad infinitum. Are you saying these species are mundane speculation, because these species are bona fide and authorized to be gurus?

    Srila Prabhupada called these species all kinds of names like that, all the time. In other words, he also identifies all sorts of previously unknown species.

    That's also what we as his followers are also doing. Are you saying these species are bona fide? Are you saying Srila Prabhupada is wrong to identify these various guru species?]

    *** Let this be your lasting legacy until you die a natural death.

    [PADA: This is Srila Prabhupada's legacy, he identifies bogus guru species, and so are we. Again, are you saying these bogus species are bona fide? What is your point?]

    *** But in the meantime they will say, "Oh that pada, he really came up with some cute little terms for the gurus that fell.

    [PADA: So you are saying these species are bona fide then? Or what? Or are you saying gurus fall down? You are begging more questions that answers.]

    *** Must have gone back to Prabhupada for that! What wonderful service it was. Too bad such service is not only NOT mentioned as most dear to Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, but even Srila Prabhupada said it is something a mundane person does, is comes up with HIS OWN IDEA.

    [PADA: Identifying bogus guru species, this is exactly what Srila Prabhupada does all the time, he identifies bogus species of gurus, we simply gave only a partial list of these names that Srila Prabhupada provides.

    Are you aware he also gives similar names to bogus guru species? And! All the time? Srila Prabhupada also identifies bogus gurus species, and for that matter, so does Krishna's shastra.

    Are you saying Srila Prabhupada and shastra are wrong to identify all sorts of bogus guru species, and these bogus species are bona fide? Or what?

    Sorry you lost us altogether. Anyway, the result of your not identifying these species as bogus is, all kinds of bogus worship has been going on since you and your ilk failed to warn innocent people about these bogus species, and you attacked anyone who did identify these bogus species.

    That makes you the cause of the worship of all these bogus species, your silently acquiescing with these deviations. According to shastra, maunam samyam rakashti, you silence protects deviations, that makes you fully implicated. So the GBC caused these bogus species, you attacked anyone who identified these species, so you are the co-assistant of these bogus species. That is what shastra says. ys pd]

  2. These people do not say bad things about bogus guru species because they want bogus gurus. They got what they want, bogus gurus. ISKCON is now full of bhoghi swami gurus, because they want this. At least PADA says we do not want bogus gurus. That is what Krishna wants. Krishna does not want bogus gurus. These people have no idea about Krishna, He does not want bogus gurus. They say they worship Krishna, but they do not know what Krishna says.

    Bhakta from Ireland


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