Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Question about Kirtanananda

Thanks prabhu, Well yes Kirtanananda had a prominent post, but all of us senior devotees knew he had some problems in the past, that he wanted the devotees to stop wearing vaishnava clothes and wear suits, that he stole the Gita manuscript and said he was the author, that he had blooped to go back to his old NYC bars, and so on. So it was up to all of us seniors to make sure he was not declared as the acharya, instead most of the seniors went along with saying he is an acharya and they harassed me for protesting. 

So my God brothers or the church elders also have to reign in a priest who thinks he has become Jesus, they didn't. Instead the church elders supported the deviation and they harassed me. Kirtanananda's program was not the most important, very few people went there and was considered as somewhat a renegade. 

As for Narayan Maharaja, he supported the idea that the 11 GBC are gurus. So he and his successors have no clear ideas. I have made some history videos about all this on: http://youtube.com/pada1008. Also I have been discussing in some recent articles how my God brothers supported the bogus gurus and harassed me on my blog: http://Krishna1008.blogspot.com. Some of my God brothers are still harassing me for breaking up their Kirtanananda program, if you can believe that. Hope this helps, but let me know if there are any further inquiries, ys pd


  1. Heavy set back in Russia - in fact thats Eastern Europe


  2. The old regime of Prabhupada initiates openly declare none of the grand disciples of Srila Prabhupada are ready to take over the movement. They say THEY are the only ones qualified. I have heard them. But are they really qualified?

    From what I have heard as well practically none of them can even follow the four regulative principles. This makes them animals according to Srila Prabhupada, and dishonest men. These people tell the grand disciples to surrender to them and do whatever tasks are needed around the temples while they are given airline flights to visit each other in Mayapura every year. They feast at long tables in special places away from the grand disciples with specially trained servants just for themselves.

    Srila Prabhupada wanted his disciples to visit him one last time before he left the planet. He told his men to invite them all to Mayapura. Most of his disciples never met him. But his "men" decided he should not be listened to. It would cost too much. In the meantime they devised plans to take over the society after he was gone.

    They had a paper signed by him saying who could become a ritvik so they hid that away in a safe in case proof was ever needed that they were the chosen ones, then they laid low until the Mayapur meetings. The letters about Kirtanananda being a crazy man were hidden away as well as everything else one guru might use against another one in the future. All of the letters written by Srila Prabhupada were stored in a barn that "accidentally" caught on fire and were destroyed, leaving no evidence of the real letters. Were any of them changed?

    Along with the letters were thousands of hours worth of devotees recollections of Srila Prabhupada which also were destroyed, never again to be available as most of those devotees left after finally not agreeing to go along with the farce that their unqualified godbrothers were all uttama adhikaris. Even after knowing for a fact their godbrothers were falling down to this day devotees will violently uphold their position that the gurus are all pure to the newcomers and anyone else who is naive enough to believe them.

    In the name of following the GBC the society has degraded because they are following a degraded GBC. The GBC was mostly composed of the original batch of mostly fallen from the start so called "gurus" who left one by one and were replaced by other so called "gurus" who did the same. The showing of the Prabhupada disciples is disgraceful. They are the ones who have made a disgrace of the movement, yet they still are hanging on to their so called superior positions until they die just to exploit the newcomers into doing all the work. That is how I see things in ISKCON today and that is my opinion.

  3. Good news is, there are only two options.
    1) ISKCON follows Prabhupada instructions and the movement will flourish.
    2) ISKCON leaders don't follow the orders of Srila Prabhupada and the movement will sink into insignificancy.

    Most probably present ISKCON gurus secretly adopted ritvik and initiate on Prabhupada's behalf.
    However, if they don't explain it publicly they are cheating what will finally cause the movement to collapse.

  4. The memories of the devotees who never made it into the Lilamrta and were burned in that fire would have given a position to those devotees of equality to the gurus at the time. When the Lilamrta came out, special stories were added about all the gurus while other devotees were left out, diminishing their statuses.


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