Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Folk INDIA Skype / Tele-conference for devotee association (Great Idea!)

Hare Krishna FOLKs (Friends Of Lord Krishna, Iskcon Bangalore)!!!

For those FOLK prabhus who have been missing classes and devotee association due to any reasons and want to come back to super happiness track of spiritual life... Here's the Golden Opportunity...

Folk Circle Invites you for a Teleconferening devotee association EVERY THURSDAY evening at 20:05 to 21:00 (Indian Standard Time). Every session will be taken from a senior devotee from Iskcon Bangalore on various subjects of Krishna Consciousness. Gain from the practical experience and resolve to solve the problems from them :-). Last 15 minutes exclusively from Q&A's.

Prabhus, If you are staying in any of the below cities in India, you can join by calling this landline numbers (local call charges apply).

You can join us thru Skype: folk circle
OR through Audioconferencing.
Audio conference details
1. First call any of these numbers:

Our ISKCON - Bangalore dedicated number: (+91) 80 67224484
Non Dedicated numbers (May have some ads in the beginning)
Mumbai (+91) 22 39804444
Bangalore (+91) 80 67224444
Delhi (+91) 11 66194444
Chennai (+91) 44 66894444
Hyderabad (+91) 40 66244444
Kolkata (+91) 33 66324444

2, Then type the Conference ID: 1695633#
3. And then type the conference pin is 5790#

Those who would like to come to temple and attend, they are very much welcome.

For More Details please contact: Tushar( Tusar Kanta Nayak ) – 9901622966, Srinivas ( Srinivas Kumar ) – 9845478093, ( Yathish Surineni )– 9980062323, Shyama Vallabha Dasa – 9341958426.

Please spread the word to all the old Folk devotees

Yours servants in the service of Srila Prabhupada!
Folk Circle

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