Thursday, July 25, 2013

How the "Appointment of 11 Gurus" Started in 1978


  1. Always remember what is ISKCON, see pic below, crooks, perverts, molesters are welcomed whereas those who worship Prabhupada are kicked out

  2. Pic above is Prithu giving class 2 weeks ago at German Narasimha Farm

  3. If Prithu says he never stopped masturbating and he was a guru, how many other devotees lie about that? Can someone please do an anonymous survey among devotees, either past or present or both, to find out who if anyone ever followed the four regs? What is the longest anyone has ever gone without falling down? Seems like among the gurus that percentage is pretty low, so what to speak of the rest of the devotees? Or doesn't anyone care a fig about revealing the truth?

    The problem is, if you send out things to the temple for devotees to fill out they might be intercepted by the temple presidents who will instruct the devotees what to reply to make the temple devotees at least look good. Then they can say all the ones who left were in maya and that is why they did it.


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