Sunday, July 28, 2013

Prabhupadanugas Korea UPDATE Jul 28th 2013

Prabhupadanugas Korea Report:

Hare Krsna devotees! Just got some very encouraging new from Korea. We have got a small programs stated in Korea .There are about 10 Prabhupadanugas in Korea. 2-3 are Korean and the rest are from Russia. The most encouraging new is even the ISKCON devotees in Korea are ow demanding Srila Prabhupada's Original books. We have sent the a few hundred original English Gitas to Korea and within few days all were distributed. Jaya Srila Prabhupada !!!!


  1. Why have the Prabhupada disciples failed to keep the bogus false gurus from taking over and keeping power? Because NONE of them were able to follow themselves! How many Prabhupada initiates were able to keep from falling down? When their godbrothers claimed to be gurus and the other Prabhupada initiates complained, the so called gurus simply had to inquire as to what were the falldowns of the devotees who were complaining. The local authorities knew the problems the local devotees were having, whereas the so called gurus pretended to be pure and not falling down.

    Since the less than guru Prabhupada disciples were honest about how they had material desires that could be used against them. As one temple authority said once about one of his godbrothers, "He ADMITS he never followed the regulative principles". Well at least he admitted the truth instead of lying about having sex and cheating all the grand disciples into believing he was pure when he wasn't.

    One time I asked a devotee who had been around one of the larger temples who was following the principles and he told me not one of the devotees in the entire temple had given up illicit sex. The only difference was the ones who had been around for a while were smart enough not to admit while the younger ones were foolishly going to them for help. And how could they get any good advice about controlling their senses from devotees who were lying about controlling their senses the whole time?

    Where is a single Prabhupada disciple who has given up illicit sex of all kinds for a long period of time? does anyone know of any? I can only guess about a couple but I don't really know.

  2. Well, yes, thats the meaning of ritvik. He/she is not pure but as long the rules and regs are being followed things are ok. Check by the result. When a temple, farm, restaurant is florishing, authority will be re-elected. When having pseudos who claim to be God's direct representatives - they remain in office although things are deteriorating.
    Being free from illicit sex. Therefore sannyasa is forbidden in kali-yuga and people should be married, husband and wife.


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