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The burned out blame -- most of the original Prabhupada devotees. (by anonymous)

DEAR PADA: Anyone who claims to be a saviour of ISKCON, but who also said they have [guru] God brothers who are early disciples of Prabhupada, has cheated and f----- over every post-1977 disciple who joined ISKCON, by lying to them about the qualifications of the gurus ever since then, or if not directly lying about them, by being silent about these gurus complete lack of spiritual qualifications for the most part. This is my opinion. 

There are very few devotees like Puranjana who dared to speak their minds and do what was right for the new devotees. The rest of you can rot in hell for all I care, signed, a cheated post-77 disciple who is still being s--- on by so called Prabhupada disciples. I'll be glad when you're all dead from old age.

[PADA: Right, sums of the feeling of many post 1977 "disciples of the new gurus." This has also been the number one issue we get questions about from: -- various "karmis," and of course the media, police, new age people etc etc., ... "How come hardly any of your other ISKCON God brothers bothered to help you folks, when you were opposing these bogus gurus (ok like Puranjana was opposing these bogus gurus)? 

It seems that most of the other brothers let only a few folks "dissent" and take ALL the heat for opposing these bogus gurus, and this caused those few dissenters to get beaten and murdered, and let all of the post-1977 "new disciples" get victimized? Why did this happen"? 

Great question! 

Sulochana used to call these compromised God brothers the "boot lickers and "brown nosers" for the bogus gurus. He was totally disgusted with them. Oddly, one of the people who opposed us was Trivrikrama swami, whom Bhakta das later on claimed to us was "one of the best gurus in ISKCON." Of course, Sulochana was killed for opposing these gurus and their compromisers. Worse, a few of these compromisers are still out there trying to be apologists / promoters of the bogus gurus system even today. 

In any case, this has been a real problem: the ISKCON God brothers for the most part compromised with the GBC guru program, that means -- they either promoted it, or they remained silent when there were problems, thus they did not warn others of the problems and made many innocent folks fall into a ditch thereby. Now a lot of those "new disciple" victims are very bitter, understandably. The only apparently good news is -- that some people at least know for sure a few of us were protesting, so it was not a total sell out.

Bhakta and his groupies are still crying like little babies that we opposed these gurus and we "used bad language," so these compromisers could help the bogus gurus cover up all the banning, beating, molesting and assassinations by "being Mr. Nice guy." Well I am sorry, but there are a lot of people who think these goodie two shoes nice guys were committing severe violence by their compromising with the evil doers. We agree with these victims wholeheartedly.  
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  1. Yes. The great guru regime continues on to this day, supported by the Prabhupada initiates. Not that there are many left or that they do much a lot of the time. But they go and make memory videos about how great they were for knowing Prabhupada. Or they might speculate about Prabhupada's consciousness, which the sastra says no one can know, the mind of a pure devotee.

    Even today if you point out a problem with a former guru resurfacing and trying to take over his old position as the "pure devotee uttama adhikari" you will hear about it from the followers of the regime, be they disciples or grand disciples of Prabhupada. These disciples think if they support the guru regime they are supporting what Prabhupada wanted, because Srila Prabhupada left the Gurus in charge.

    But not so! Prabhupada left the GBC in charge for managing. The gurus made a power play immediately after Prabhupada left, according to what I have read and heard. I was not there. Those who opposed were kicked out, one by one. And those who went along were offered recompense for their evil deed of silent complicity.

    Big positions, name and fame, little work but being supported by the newcomers, being known as a great kirtaneer, class giver, cook. All these can falsely gratify the false ego of a devotee.

    Miserly devotees want these positions at the expense of telling the truth to the new devotees who join ISKCON, the truth that their godbrothers or gurus or ex gurus who blooped and are now coming back to enjoy their positions all over again aren't pure. If they were, why did they leave to have sex? Why did they steal money? Why did they give up their sadhana for so many years?

    This has been going on since 1977 and is continuing to this day from the oldest guru we have in the movement to the newest, all are pretending. Not one has ever come out and said "We are all just a bunch of kanistha adhikaris and that is where we are at, just accept it.". Because if they did, then the free ride would be over.

    If you pretend the gurus who are fallen are not in maya then you hitch along with the free ride and get all the perks. And if you ever tell the truth that the gurus who are fallen are really not as pure as they pretend to be then you lose everything material you have been stealing from the society.

    The only people left in ISKCON are either thieves or saintly people. The thieves glorify the bogus gurus, and the saintly persons glorify Prabhupada. Where does that leave those of us who joined after Prabhupada left? When will ONE DEVOTEE come along who is pure? Such a great devotee is very rare. There might be one in ISKCON today. Where would such a devotee be?

  2. Practically speaking 99.9% of the gurus today have some dirt the society knows about on them. So when we are asked "Who is your guru?" those of us who do not have Prabhupada are afraid to say. We know the looks we will get. But there is good news in this regard. If we take a guru and he bloops, then we can say we tried, we had faith in this person and we are waiting for a new guru who inspires us to come along. In this way we too can make fun of our guru for being fallen because by then he will be known and accepted as much among our fellow Vaishnavas.

    But beware! If we speak out about how our guru is now known as "gay" "a child molestor" "blooped with the money" etc, we will still be targets by the authorities for not going along with the philosophy put out by them that,"You do not KNOW your guru is fallen. He might come back. And he did more service in this lifetime already than you EVER will be able to. You are envious because you cannot understand the position of the advanced Prabhupada disciples when they are blooping. As soon as they come back, they will take up from the high position they were at before they left and will be way up there again!".

    What position were they supposed to be at before though? Kanistha adhikari only. So if the authorities in charge fail to say these fallen gurus in name only never were gurus in name only they are guilty of one thing. I have seen it many times. The older devotees who know all about these things talk among themselves and laugh about how fallen the gurus are, but when a newer devotee who hasn't figured it out yet comes by they stop. That means the ones in the know are keeping the knowledge of how bogus these people are to themselves.

    If a brahmana fails to give out knowledge freely or free of charge he loses his knowledge. Knowledge should not be hoarded or kept just for the priveledged few, the ones who have figured it out, or the ones who joined early, or the ones who have gotten some special mercy from an older devotee. Knowledge of who is a bona fide guru and who is not is necessary for everyone. Otherwise we will become a society of the cheaters and the cheated. In my opinion, for the most part, we already have.


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